5 Recommended Writing Tools to Enhance Their Work Quality

writing tools

As an aspiring writer, you need all the help that you can get to produce content that is both engaging as well as intellectual and overall well written. Writing is a pretty tough job and there is no shame in asking for help from someone who knows more than you.

However, if you find it hard to ask for help from a person, you can use some online tools to improve your writing style. There is plenty of screenwriting software out there that can help you form better sentences and employ the right structures as well as formats for your text.

Here are 5 of the best writing tools that can increase the quality of your writing experience

  1. Grammarly

It is an extremely useful app that detects your spelling and grammar errors and offers solutions. You can add the Grammarly extension to your Chrome or some other browser and it will give you suggestions as to what you should write.

This tool can identify spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, sentence agreements, etc. It can also help you with adjectives, pronouns, capitalization, and much more.

This tool is available in both free and paid versions and if you are really thinking of taking your gaming to the next level, we suggest you start using this app as soon as possible.

  1. Thesaurus.com

Developing a strong vocabulary goes a long way if you really want your writing style to stand out. However, it’s not possible for a person to remember a lot of words to explain a single feeling or a phenomenon.

This is where thesaurus.com comes into the picture. This tool will give you plenty of options to choose from for a single word. Just remember to not pick overly complicated words since this too can put readers off.

  1. Google Docs

This app allows you to share your written material with other writers and readers across the internet. They can read it, review it, and make adjustments if you permit them to. You can see the people who have viewed and edited your document and that allows you to keep track of the modifications.

You can control the level of access the readers can have to your material. You can prevent them from editing by only giving them permission to read.

You can also allow or deny the comments option on your document. Thus, you get to share your creative side with the world in the safest environment. The app has a strict security policy, and your written content is completely safe here.

  1. 750 Words

This app makes your writing more concise and readable. It allows you to express your thoughts using 750 or fewer words. It analyzes your style and gives you pointers that help you improve as a writer.

The tool notices how much time you took and what is your skill level at the time of writing. It is a great tool for practicing your vocabulary and writing style. Writers who are often looking for inspiration can use this tool to stimulate their imagination by messing around with different ideas.

  1. Cliché Finder

The basic functionality of this app is clear from the name. It mainly identifies words, sentences, and phrases in your text that are overly used. The app tells you about the cliches in your text and suggests alternatives.

This app can increase your vocabulary and help you see things from a different perspective. Cliché finder can help your express yourself better and develop a writing style that is both unique and interesting.

Final Thought

So, these are some of the best apps for writers that you can try out to improve your experience. All these apps will save both your time and energy while you write your thoughts.

These apps will allow you to channel your creativity and produce highly engaging content. Writers at any stage of their career can use these apps to make the process a bit easier. These apps have ensured that writers can improve their productivity in research, and knowledge base. 

We urge you to try out these extremely useful apps for a better writing experience. We assure you that you will love your writing time if you used these apps while putting your precious thoughts into words.


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