4 reasons why you should get your rolex authenticated

rolex authenticated

The aftermarket for Rolex watches is pretty active. Even in Singapore, numerous collectors and individual owners often resell their watches.

Unfortunately, most buyers and sellers do not understand the significance of Rolex authentication. Today, we will help you understand why it is essential to get your Rolex authenticated and how it can help you.

Better resale value:

Imagine this, you’re trying to sell your Rolex watch, but you do not have any authentication for the same. It will be tough for a prospective buyer or collector to trust you.

If you can convince the buyer to still purchase your Rolex watch, the value you will get for the same will be very less.

An easier way to solve this problem is to get your Rolex authenticated in Singapore. Once you get this done, more buyers will be willing to interact with you, and the value you will get for your Rolex watch will be much higher.

This is the primary reason why you should get your Rolex authenticated.

Easier to purchase:

It also makes sense for the buyers to ask the seller to get the Rolex authenticated. As a buyer, if you’re buying an unauthenticated Rolex watch, you are undertaking a significant risk. Considering the fact that even aftermarket Rolex watches will cost you thousands of Singapore dollars, it makes perfect sense to ask the seller to get it authenticated.

Easier to purchase:

You can easily get Rolex authentication in Singapore since trusted stores can do that for you.

Once you have the certificate of authenticity from the store, you can buy the watch confidently and preserve the certificate in case you want to sell the watch at a later stage.

For you as a buyer as well, it will be an easier decision to make if the Rolex watch is authenticated.

Increases the value of your collection:

Many people buy Rolex watches to create a collection as well. When you’re looking to do so, you might have to buy Rolex watches from various sources. However, before concluding the transaction, getting the Rolex watch authenticated makes sense.

When you have an authenticated collection of Rolex watches, it certainly increases your collection value. If every watch in your collection is authenticated, that collection can be sold in a single transaction, and the collection can also turn into an asset.

It means that you’re turning a lifestyle accessory into an asset merely by getting a watch authenticated. That is why it makes sense to get your Rolex authenticated.

Assurance of future support:

Let’s suppose you are moving to an entirely different country. In that case, if at all there is a problem with your Rolex watch, you might head over to the Rolex store in a foreign country. If you have authenticated your Rolex in Singapore, you will always have a certificate.

Whenever you need any future support from a Rolex store, you can easily present that certificate along with your watch. That will undoubtedly help you get support in any other country as well. Consequently, it becomes easy for you to get your Rolex watch fixed if a problem occurs.

The benefits which you gain from authenticating your Rolex watches are numerous. Rather than just collecting more and more Rolex watches, it makes perfect sense to get them authenticated. You have complete peace of mind, and these watches are easier to resell if you want to do so.

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