Reasons for visiting Mecatos Cafe and Bakery

Cafe and Bakery

Mecatos Bakery near me is a cafe and bakery that serve breakfast and lunch items, such as americano, granola waffles, and almond butter pockets. Mecatos Bakery near me is also an environmentally friendly business, with a compost collection bin for recyclables. It’s considering opening up additional locations around the city, offering customers the chance to support local businesses and eat artisanal, modern food. Mecatos offers breakfast and lunch buffets every day of the week as well as grab-and-go options including salads, quiche, bread, pastries, coffee drinks from local roasters like MadCap Coffee & Chocolate Company, and gelato from Milk Made Good.

Reasons for visiting Mecatos Cafe and Bakery

  1. Friendly staff

The staff are always very welcoming and seem very friendly. They are generally happy to help, especially when it is busy. The staff is always willing to help customers as much as they can. They are not only very friendly to customers but they are also friendly with each other.

  1. Variety of food options

The variety of food there is so good, you won’t want to stop eating. They have a wide variety of bread, pastries, desserts, and much more. You would definitely be spoilt for choice once you go inside Mecatos Bakery.

  1. Cleanliness of the place

The place is generally quite clean and it’s quite spacious. The tables and chairs are usually quite clean as well. Some of the tables/ chairs are available, but some of them are also reserved together with a sign saying “reserved”. For some customers, this can be a bit inconvenient especially if they have already had their meals and they still have to wait for their friends to arrive while they stand up with their food in hand.

  1. Environmentally friendly policies

Mecatos bakery near me is environmentally friendly by encouraging recycling, buying local produce, and composting waste.

  1. Free parking

There is a free parking lot at Mecatos Bakery. It is perfect for customers who have their own vehicles and would like to go there with their families or friends. A lot of customers make use of this free facility, especially during the weekends and public holidays when many people make the most out of their time off work by eating breakfast or lunch together with a group of family members or friends.

  1. Wide variety of desserts and bread

Mecatos Cafe and Bakery have a wide variety of desserts and bread that are displayed in glass showcases. This gives customers a chance to see what they are going to buy in advance before paying for it. This is a very convenient and efficient way for customers to decide which desserts or breads they would like to buy.

  1. Parking space available

For customers who have difficulties finding parking and don’t want to take the chance that they won’t be able to find parking near Mecatos Bakery, there is also a parking lot near the place. Customers can park their vehicles in this lot and enjoy their brunch at Mecatos bakery near me without worrying about finding any available spaces.


Mecatos Cafe and Bakery is a really good place to go for brunch and it is very convenient for customers who have their own vehicles. The food there is of high quality and the environment there is generally quite clean.

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