Quick Guide to Gaming & Chat Room Safety

gaming chat rooms for gamers

In this digital age, online gaming has become so popular, that a new trend of gaming has been introduced that is integrated into social networking apps.

This peak of social media gaming has taken the internet by storm. But the majority of online gamers experience some common problems such as sluggish and unreliable broadband connections, lag, and ‘rubberbanding’ that adversely affect their experience. 

As a result, the gamers may suffer disturbance in the gaming and the user experience is less than satisfactory. This is particularly true for those who are participating in competitions and also for those who’re willing to join the social networking gaming era.

Keep reading and we will learn together how we can take your gaming experience to the next level.

Find a Specific Gaming Genre that you Love:

Before rushing to any social networking app website for gaming. First, you have to understand what kind of games you love to play and what games attract you more. If you are getting bored playing the same game, then it is time for you to find new games and also, your interests have to be renewed with every new game played.


After finding your gaming taste or finding a game that you love the most.  You can join different forums and chat rooms that are particularly made for that game. And from there you will be introduced to different users and gamers who will share their own insights and knowledge about the game.

These chat rooms and forums help you to get pro-level tips about the game from the gaming professionals.

Here are Some of the chat rooms and forums you can join today to meet with professional gamers:



Reddit is an online community forum where people post various topical entries for others to comment on.

Reddit allows you to post images, videos, and text posts, as well as links and polls. There are more than 100,000 communities under Reddit which are known by their famous name called “subreddit”.

On Reddit, you can comment publicly, which means you need to be careful about posting sensitive information as it is visible to all users.

You can find your game-specific subreddit and get insights and knowledge about that game from others. Also, if you want to post anything on the subreddit then don’t forget to read the posting rules first before doing any comment or publication.

CMX Chat:

CMX Chat is a social networking website registered in 2020, making it one of the web’s most interesting chat rooms. CMX Chat receives thousands of visitors a month.


At CMX Chat they have various chat rooms dedicated for different communities. Like if you’re a gamer you can join their gaming chat room dedicated to professional gamers. 

From there you can get the knowledge about the latest games and also there are professional gamers who are there to properly educate you about the games.

Also, CMX Chat is not limited to the gaming chat room that; currently has 12 chat rooms on their CMX chat which represent different communities.

Like you can join their single chat room if you’re a single person, or you can hang out with different mothers in the women’s chat room. It completely depends upon your interests, what things attract you most, and what is overall best for you. 

You can explore their different chat rooms here by visiting their website cmxchat.com

Keep yourself Secure While Using Chat Rooms

No matter which game you love and you are playing, one thing for sure is that gaming and social networking create a perfect environment for cybercriminals to attack.

PS Controller

Insider threat is one of the most common cyber threats among gamers and cybercriminals make use of this situation by attacking various social media networks to steal confidential data from the system. 

Most of the cyber attacks target gamers on social network gaming websites and use various deceptive tactics to steal their personal data.

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One of the cybercriminal’s favorite tactics is to create fake profiles on social networking sites and then start communicating with a gamer, who is a girl or guy but mostly girls. 

The main goal of this malicious activity is to befriend that person, by introducing yourself as a girl or boy depending upon their gender and sometimes they create fake profiles after hacking the victim’s existing Facebook accounts. 

So don’t provide any personal data like phone number, address, and other personal information. Because in the work of internet there is too many scams which can be dangerous for you.


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