Quick beginner’s guide to web marketing tools


What is web marketing , nowadays, everyone knows well or badly: it is that branch of marketing that focuses its activities on the network. Online traffic is so heavy – more than what we find on real roads! – that the internet represents for every company an opportunity to be seized on the fly: the key to success lies in channeling this traffic in our direction.

How? With web marketing tools , but when you try to go deeper into the subject – in concrete: what must be done to get results ?! – not everyone knows how to answer, if not with vague and confusing answers.

To remove any doubts, here is a quick guide for beginners to web marketing tools , a vademecum to be printed in your mind indelibly:

1) before starting the web marketing machine it is necessary that you have a site for your company: a well-structured site, not only for the user – and therefore easily navigable, even with mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) and rich content that will be periodically updated – but also from the SEO point of view, i.e. complete with metatags and without barriers that may hinder the reading of the site by spiders with web marketing tools.

2) the icing on the cake will be the construction of a landing page : a page created ad hoc where you can literally land your potential customers; it will have to be captivating to the point of influencing them in taking an action, which will obviously work in your favor: fill out a contact form, continue with the site viewing, subscribe to a newsletter … (read about it: how to create an effective landing page ).

3) it is a good idea to combine this landing page with a pay per click advertising campaign (see: guide to setting up an adwords campaign ), so that when the user does research related to your branch of activity (for example, you are plumbers in Milan and the user searches on google for ” plumber Milan “) your ad will come out, which refers directly to the contact site / landing page;

4) even better to buy advertising space (where to put your banners ) on sites that can be very popular with your target users: does your shop specialize in maternity clothes? Buy a banner on one of the numerous sites dedicated to pregnancy, such as PianetaMamma.it and see if something moves;

5) let’s not forget about SEO – that is, making the website rise in the natural results of search engines

6)  mail marketing , i.e. sending personalized and direct e-mails to individual real or potential customers ( DEM, direct e-mail marketing ), or very useful newsletters even after acquiring the customer, especially to retain him and update him on new products / offers;

7) last but not least, social media marketing : given the state of things and how social networks are now an integral part of our lives, it is unthinkable not to be present in the various communities with your own profile: therefore open an account on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , LinkedIn etc. _ _ _ you address), creating events and making the most of all the tools that each social network offers you (including advertising).

6) Finally, to finally check that things are going the right way (= more traffic on your site) we advise you to immediately install, on each page, a code that records the statistics relating to visits ( GoogleAnalytics is the program best): this will allow you to know not only the number of users who visit the site, but also a lot of very interesting information on the traffic generated (which are the most viewed pages, the keywords that lead to your site, etc.).


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