Python Loops : What Should You Know

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Before learning the different kinds of loops in Python, It is crucial to comprehend the meaning of a loop and why we require loops. Loops in programming languages are a sequence of instructions that are repeated until a condition comes valid. Loops in all programming languages are a sequence of instructions that are repeated until a particular condition is fulfilled. In simple words, loops are used to accomplish a task repeatedly. In software programming, it is inevitable to encounter situations in which one needs to complete a task repeatedly. It’s a bad method to copy-paste the code repeatedly. Before you start your Python Journey , it is better to know good practices in Python Programming with real time experience from any online Online Python Course. Loops are among the essential concepts of programming used in many programming languages today. Loop is utilized to execute code blocks multiple times. The concepts of loop elements are similar in all programming languages and only differ in the syntax of loops.

There are three Important Loops in Python

  1. For Loop
  2. While Loop
  3. Nested Loop

While Loop Statements , While loops are a popular type of loop in Python. The while loop is utilized mostly in situations in which we do not know exactly what we are doing and when it needs to stop. Based on the conditions provided the while loop will execute the statements within the loop till the conditions are met. If the condition is not true the loop ceases to function and the control gets out from the loop.

For Loop Statements ,These loops are used when there is a sequential traversal. It is common to make use of a for loop if we know when to begin and, most importantly, how to close the loop.

Nested Loop Statements , There is also the option to nested for loops, like we did for the while loop that is nested. A For loop within a For loop is referred to as the Nested for loop.

Some control Statements Loops alos , you should learn while practicing Python programming .Imagine a situation in which you’d like to skip a specific iteration or end the loop prior to its conclusion due to some reason. Loop control statements will come in handy in this type of scenario. By using loop control statements, we can modify the process in the loop. The three major loop control statements that are available in Python . Break , Continue and pass statements are very important in Python Programming. These all Loops statements are considered as the important Python Interview questions in top companies.

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