Put different things for the decoration of candles;

Put different things for the decoration of candles;

The candles are used for many decorations purpose. Candles can also be decorated by putting some beautiful things;

Jewels, beads, and laces can be put in the candles and make them different from others. These candles are expensive and most commonly use for gift purposes. These things transform the shape of the candles and give a new and incredible look. You can put the petals of the flowers in the jars of candles. Make the different types of shapes with the help of paint. Put some colorful wires in the candle jars and make them durable. Put the leaves of different plants on the candles.

Modern candles

The history of the candle is too long. People use the candle for prayers and many other purposes. They use only white colors candles. They do not celebrate birthdays and other parties. They use candles for lighting purposes. Now in every part of the world, people required modern things. At parties, the candle is most commonly used. Modern candles are of different colors and styles. In offices and homes, different types of candles are used. The modern candles have attractable scent fragrance in them. There are many types of waxes are used in modern candles. Most modern candles are made of coconut wax, bee wax, and soy wax.

Different shapes of candles

The candles have many different types of candles;

1:Pillar shape candles:

The pillar shape candles are made from paraffin wax because this wax is rigid. The Pillar candle can stand without any container. Pillar candles have many sizes, shapes, and hights. But these candles can only be available in the cylindrical shape with a single wax.

2; Taper shape candles;

The taper candles are long in size, thin, cylindrical, and narrow from the top. These candles are plain and generally inexpensive. The colorful taper candles are mostly used for setting the mod of any aspect.

3 Votive candles;

Votive candles are thin, and small in size, but stand in on their own. it can burns into the candle holder, paced in it. In the votive candles, the bee wax is used, these candles are most commonly used for prayer purposes.

4: Tealight candles;

Tealight candles have distinct look. They are small in size and have dim light. These candles are wider on the top, that’s why these candles can never drip. Mutilple burning of tealight candle gives a peaceful and loving moment, that can refresh the mind and the limbs of the body.

5: Container candles;

The container candle is a non-flame-able container filled with wax and a wick. They have many advantages over others, which makes them so popular. These candles can not drip, due to their candle container.

6: Novelty Candles

Novelty candles are commonly used for decoration purposes. These candles are used to make the birthday parties. These candles are very unique because every candle has a different shape and size. These candles are in the shape of an orange, or apple and have many other shapes. These candles are mostly used for gift purposes.