Puppy Guidelines for New Puppy Parents

Puppy Guidelines

If you have got a new puppy, it is such an exciting phase of your life. You are going to become a new pet parent, and it is so thrilling! But parenting is no serious walk! Puppies can be all fun, stressful, and rewarding for once.

Bringing a pet home takes a lot of preparation and patience. You must give them lots of love and care, the very reason you are bringing them home. The good thing is that, if you do everything right, it is such a wonderful thing.

What Did You Need To Do When You Brought a New Puppy Home?

Give Clear Communication With Other Family Members

Whether you live in a nuclear or joint family, everyone should understand their role with the puppy in the family. They should discuss their roles and responsibilities. Further, everyone should know their boundaries with the pup too. The best part is even puppy-proofing your home.

Puppy Proofing Your Home

Before you bring a new pup to your home, do puppy proofing of the same. It should fine-tune with your homes. Furthermore, there will be a certain area of the house that you would want to be puppy-proof.

Take him firstly to the kitchen. Teach him all the basic things. Plants, shoes, etc. he will bite anything that comes his way. Make sure it’s kept aside so he doesn’t get to chew it.

Take Them Shopping

As first-time pets, you will need so many things. Food, toys, collars, leash, etc. you will need it all. With the puppies being too mouthy, you will need so many toys. Kongs are best for strong-jawed dogs.

Don’t give it to the small dogs, since it can kill them. Take recommendations depending on the breed and size of your dogs. It depends on how your dog grows up, you can take that kind of toy. Check out petstop.com to find various kinds of modern and high-end dog fences. It’s best to teach pups while in fences and also to ensure the safety of the pets from unwanted strangers. 

Regular Visits to the Vets

If you adopt pups, then you should take them to the vet first. They will be needing their monthly boosters in a few weeks. By being the first vet visit, the pup will be scared. But with regular visits, they will come to know of it.

Try to Be Patient With Your Pup

Your pup will not know about the human world right from the start. Dogs always love it when you follow a routine with them. It’s best if you wake them up early morning and take them for walks.

If your family doesn’t like dogs and constantly stays away from them, then getting an active dog won’t help.

Plan for Your Pup’s Regular Diet

You must consider the best foods for your dogs. Give nutrient-rich foods suitable for all the growing puppies. Additionally, your new pup will have lots of energy and you can use it productively. Allow your puppy to walk, run and keep in a confined place at least once a week.


Choose the breed you will love the most. Adoption takes a lot of time and research. You must know the family from where the dog belongs. You should teach them potty training in about 12 to 16 weeks. Your pup is your precious thing, keep them the love they need.

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