How to decorate a Home with Pampas Grass Decor & Where to Buy it

Pampas Grass decor

Pampas grass plant is a tall and pretty artistic grass having large and thick white panicles. It is from the kingdom Plantae and the family Poaceae. Pampas grass has added beauty to lawns and gardens but now it is used to decorate homes as well so they can look elegant. So let’s see how to decorate a home with pampas grass decor and where to buy it. Here is the whole detail you are looking for.

Ways to decorate a Home with Pampas Grass Decor:

Pampas Grass Decor

1- Find a suitable vase:

When you want to enhance the beauty of your room with pampas grass the best option is to choose a suitable sized vase. You can use any kind of vase either glass or ceramic. Large-sized vases are the Perfect fit for pampas grass decor because pampas grass has large panicles they will be balanced and show their beauty better in large vases.

2- In your kitchen:

Pampas grass in your kitchen can give you a soothing effect early in the morning. You can place two or three long stems in a vase. Keeping pampas grass simple and single-themed will create an attractive visual impression. Pampas grass will give you a very fresh environment.

3- Near the bathtub:

You can place pampas grass decor near your bathtub where you place your other accessories. When you take a bath it will relax you. Pampas grass will give a very pleasant and refreshing combo to your washroom.

4- On your side table:

Pampas grass decor on your side table is a very nice idea. It will boost the overall look of your room. When you lay on your bed and read a book, its fluffiness, freshness, and softness will refresh your mood.

5- In stairs with other natural textures:      

If you are willing to create a welcoming or inviting atmosphere, pairing pampas grass with natural textures is one of the best options. A simple bouquet of pampas grass decor can do wonders with the natural elements of your home.

6- On your mirror:

You can style your mirror with pampas grass. Whenever you look in the mirror it will make you smile. The different colors will make you fresh and happy.

These were the few ways through which you can decorate your home with pampas grass decor. Now let’s see the types of pampas grass.

Types of pampas grass:

Pink pampas grass:

Pink pampas grass

The biological name of pink pampas grass is Cortaderia selloana ‘Rosea. Pink pampas grow in clusters and are usually 5-7 feet in height. The spacing among pink pampas grass must be kept 4-6 feet because they spread in a 36- 72 inches wide area.

This fascinating beauty blooms in mid summer and well-drained soil is perfect for it to grow so you have to wait till then and you can clear or trim the foliage in late winter. Pink pampas grass is pink in color and it requires full sunlight to add its beauty to gardens and yards. They grow fast. You can use pink pampas grass for decorating it will give a breathtaking view.

Purple pampas grass:

Purple pampas grass

Its biological name is Andean pampas grass. As you can imagine it’s color from the name but it is not always or exactly purple it is also called pink pampas grass. These beauties can add substantial beauty to the landscape. It is a very huge kind of pampas grass that grows up to 20 feet. If you have a large area then you can grow them.

This plant gives a very ravishing look when its tall fronts wave in the breeze. The decent amount of moisture is ideal for growing purple pampas grass; it can tolerate rocky soil as well. It grows in a fully sunny environment. One drawback of purple pampas grass is that it can be highly invasive.

White pampas grass:

White pampas grass

Puffy white plumes add very grace and give a fresh and breathtaking view to the landscape as well as to different types of arrangements. They are well known for their height; they can grow up to 6-7 feet. White plumes form in mid summer with full sun availability. They are easy to grow. White pampas grass is deer and drought resistant.

Golden pampas grass:

Golden pampas grass

Cortaderia selloana is its biological name. These graceful grasses stand up to 10 feet. They are highly noninvasive. Its main characteristic is that the foliage has distinct gold edges which means they love shade and moisture. Gold bands have the ability to tolerate heat and droughts. It requires well-drained fertile soil. It grows in late summer and it is non-problematic.

Silver stripe pampas grass:

Silver stripe pampas grass

Silver stripe grass is very similar to gold band grass which is white pampas grass. It features the white stripes found in its leaves. It produces large silky and shiny white flowers which offer a silver gleam to them.

Dwarf pampas grass:

Dwarf pampas grass

Dwarf pampas grass (Cortaderia pumila) is one of the showiest ornamental grasses.  It makes a stunning specimen in any landscape because of its dizzying height. White plumes grow in mid summer with a fully sunny site. You can plant it in spring. It requires average moisture soil. It is prohibited in California. It causes no problem.

Dried pampas grass:

Dried pampas grass

Dried pampas grass is an ornamental plant. Dried feathery flower plumes are used for arrangement and decorative purposes. You can use dried pampas grass for a long time if you will give it proper care. You need to keep it away from the humid environment and don’t water them. They will not shed until you shake them. Just put them in a vase of any kind and they will fluff naturally.

Faux pampas grass:

Faux pampas grass

This is an artificial kind of pampas grass. Faux pampas grass is manmade used for decor. You can adjust them by cutting in your desired size. As they are handmade they can vary in many colors. Faux pampas grass has a length of approximately 40 inches.

Frequently asked questions:

What is pampas grass?

It is an ornamental tall grass that is very attractive and enhances the beauty of many landscapes. It is from a family of Poaceae.

How to dry pampas grass?

Leave your pampas grass at the same warm place and tie it upside down. It will take 2-3 weeks to dry fully. Once they are dried you can use hairspray to fluff them and turn them the right way.

 Where does pampas grass grow?

Pampas grass plant is cultivated as an ornamental in warm parts of the world and is considered invasive in regions out of its native range. It is native to Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.

Where to buy pampas grass for sale?

You can find pampas grass for sale on many online sites such as Alibaba or Amazon and on some of your nearest stores as well depending on your location.


All the details about pampas grass decor and its types are explained above. Hope this article will provide you with great insight.

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