NFL 23 – Dwight Freeney’s Back with ‘Team of the Week 3’

NFL 23 - Dwight Freeney's Back with 'Team of the Week 3'

28th September 2022

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The new ‘Team of the Week 3’ (TOTW3) line-up is now here, and among the few chosen footballers to receive an impressive player card is former Indianapolis Colts’ powerful right end, Dwight Freeney, who performed spectacularly in the team’s week-3 match in 2005!

Up against Cleveland Browns, Freeney’s incredible contribution of 3 sacks, 6 tackles, and 1 forced fumble helped the Dolts win 13-6.

A surprising move by NFL 23’s to include a former professional footballer, but not many would complain to have Freeney in-game, though, with his new player card’s superb stats looking like this:

(RE) Dwight Freeney’s ‘Team of the Week 3’ Player Card: OVR 91

  • Finesse Moves, FMV (Pass Rush): 91
  • Block Shedding, BSH (Tackling): 91
  • Hit Power, POW (Tackling): 89
  • Pursuit, PUR (Tackling): 89
  • Impact Blocking, IBL (Tackling): 89

Freeney is fearless and immovable, able to take down almost anyone from running through the yards.

In fact, Freeney is quite fast on his feet, easily catching up to many runners before taking them down without a hitch.

Freeney eventually moved to various different teams in the next few years, ending his career with Detroit Lions in 2017.

That being said, his tenure with Indianapolis Colts was the best to date, and this small TOTW3 update is testament to that.

Freeney enjoys many important player traits, which are:

  • High Motor: Yes
  • Pass Rush Spin Move: Yes
  • Pass Rush Swim Move: Yes
  • Penalty: Disciplined
  • Strips Ball: Yes

Freeney is also a proficient player as a left end and an outside linebacker, two crucial defensive roles on a team.

Right now, Freeney’s awesome player card is sold on the Auction House for around (estimate):

  • Xbox: 692,000 MUT Coins
  • PlayStation: 639,000 MUT Coins
  • PC: 689,000 MUT Coins

Freeney’s TOTW3 player card is definitely expensive but worth every penny!

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