My Netgear Extender Dropping Frequently. How Can I Fix It?


Many Netgear extender users are found struggling with the WiFi dropping issues. They keep posting on forums for getting a reliable solution to the problem. If you are also getting the same issue on your extender and found no solution for the same to date, then luckily you have stumbled upon the right post.

Here, we have covered various tips and tricks to help you fix the WiFi dropping issue and enjoy the internet without any lag. Before you get started with the troubleshooting of your device, simply check if your device is properly connected to Netgear_ext.

If yes, then proceed further and try the following hacks.

Here’s How to Fix Netgear WiFi Dropping Issue

Reboot Your Extender

You may be finding yourself stuck in the issue due to a technical glitch with your device. For resolving the same, you must try rebooting the extender.

Manu users mix the rebooting process with the resetting. But, there is a huge difference. Rebooting is all about giving your extender a fresh start by turning it off and on again after some time. On the other side, reset means to wipe off all the settings made to your extender and take it back to the factory default settings.

Update Firmware

Gifting your range extender the latest firmware version could help you fix the WiFi dropping issue on the Netgear extender. You can update the firmware of your WiFi device simply by tossing on the mywifiext web address.

While bringing your device a new firmware version, however, make sure you note down the model number of your device. This is to say that the wrong firmware can make your WiFi range extender non-operational for now and ever.

Relocate the Extender

You can also expect to fix the issue at hand by giving your extender a new place to sit. Yes, you read it right!

There is a chance that your extender is not catching proper signals from the host router and is placed near things emitting radio waves. Hence, we suggest you keep the extender close to your router and away from Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, baby monitors, metal appliances, reflexive surfaces, fish tanks, treadmills, etc.

Change Password

If nothing has brought you luck so far when it comes to fixing the Netgear extender keeps dropping issue, it seems as if someone is leeching your WiFi.

Have you managed to change the password of your extender after getting it configured? No? Well, do it now! You can change the password of your device by logging in to it using the IP address.

Note that you must choose a password that is hard to crack yet easy to remember. You can add special characters to the password for making it strong and unique.

Check Cable Connections

Netgear extender keeps dropping issue can also make you baffled if connection between your router and extender is not made properly.

Those who have used an Ethernet cable for forming a connection between their devices need to ensure that the cable is in working condition and does not have any cuts.

If the cable is found broken at some point, you can change it with a new one and then connect your devices. Just in case you currently do not have access to an Ethernet cable, connect your home WiFi router and Netgear extender wirelessly.

Change WiFi Channel

You may also rid yourself of the issue at hand by ditching your current WiFi channel and shifting to the one that is less used.

For changing the channel of your extender, all you need to do is access the dashboard and navigate to the settings section. You will find an option to change the WiFi channel there. Choose a channel that is not overcrowded.

Reset and Reinstall

The last resort we have in our guide to help you fix the WiFi dropping issue is to reset your extender to the factory settings and then install it back from scratch.

This is suggested because you might have not accurately configured your range extender. Once done with executing the process, check if you can now stream your favorite videos without any lag. We hope you will!

Here’s to the hope that the WiFi dropping issue will get fixed after trying the hacks given in the post. Share your feedback about the same via comments.


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