Top 6 Movies Every Writer Should Know About

movies for writers

Films are without a doubt, one of the best sources of motivation and creativity. A good film can move an audience to tears and make them scream with laughter a few moments later. It plays with all facets of our emotions.

Ever since the advent of Netflix and other streaming channels, movies have become an incredibly personalized experience for people. Those days are gone when we’d be on the lookout for the best Cox cable deals just so we could all huddle together for that perfect family movie night every Friday. Now we just like to sit back, relax, and watch a movie that we can relate to and that resonates with us.

Give Yourself a Creative Boost

If you’re a writer suffering from writers’ block or are unable to find the motivation and mindset to continue writing, then you need a boost in confidence. A lot of films today provide just that for their audiences, if you can relate to a message inside a movie, it resonates with you. A film allows its audience to visualize the consequence of certain actions and decisions which can put things in perspective for you.

In this article, I’ll be sharing a list of movies about writers that have been facing issues with writing. The techniques they used to pull themselves out of a sticky situation are both creative and inspiring. I hope it can provide any writers out there with the tools to overcome their situation as well.

#1. Barton Fink

This movie centres around a writer who just moved to Hollywood to write movie scripts for a film studio. Naturally, when he moves to L.A. he suffers from writer’s block. Desperate to find his way again, he encounters certain characters in his life who provide him with ample stories and experiences. This film is a must-watch for any writer facing a similar situation.

#2. Adaptation

This brilliant piece of art revolves around Charlie Kaufman, a self-loathing Hollywood writer who’s hired to write the screenplay adaptation of The Orchid Thief. Charlie suffers from depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. This film will resonate with any writer who’s facing a block and wish to do something about it. Adaptation also stars Meryl Streep!

#3. All the Presidents Men

This masterpiece revolves around Bob Woodward, a news reporter who’s been hired to write the story about the Watergate scandal. It’s a great film about investigative writing and the kind of pressure that comes with exposing powerful people.

#4. Finding Neverland

This beautiful and heartbreaking story is about a writer named J.M. Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan. The film revolves around his relationships with people and how he takes inspiration wherever he can get it, or from whomever he can get it. He’s especially close to the Llewelyn Davies family who he ends up taking incredible inspiration. This is a tale of love, compassion, family, and loss. Sounds like the perfect ingredients for a great film.

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#5. Dead Poets Society

By far the most popular movie on our list is the Dead Poets Society. This movie is one for the teachers to show their students. It captures the impact literature can have on one’s soul. The film centers around John Keating, a progressive English teacher who tries to instil a sense of freedom in his students. He wants them to think freely and independently and to question the status quo. The story deals with the lives of his students, as well as his own and the experiences they share.

If writing is your passion then this movie will reignite it. There are many movies where Robin Williams can make you laugh, the beauty of this movie however will move you to tears.

#6. Shakespeare in Love

This historic fiction is a story about Shakespeare himself. Set in 1593, London, it shows a younger and more handsome version of Shakespeare who’s experiencing writer’s block while writing Romeo and Juliet. It’s a great adaptation of what Shakespeare would’ve been like and offers its audience a great insight. In a way, the movie is about how Shakespeare got over his block and found the motivation to complete his story.

In a way, it’s all about the writer finding the right inspiration to complete their story. Every writer’s block is created by the writer themselves and only they can remove it.


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