Mother’s Day Ideas: Creative Photos For The Wall!

Mother's Day Ideas

Do you also find it so difficult to find a nice gift for Mother’s Day every year? Of course you want to make her happy with a nice Mother’s Day gift that will help her a lot. A gift she can enjoy every day is a personal photo for the wall! Wall decorations come in all shapes and sizes, so there is something for every mother! To help you even better, we have collected some great inspirational tips for you! Are you watching?

A creative photo for the wall

1.The mother-daughter picture!

For all mothers with daughters, a mother-daughter photo is of course a great gift to receive. The bond you have with each other is often very special and that naturally deserves a place in the interior. What you can do is choose a recent or old photo of yourself with your favorite photo of your daughter next to it. Or how about a baby photo of you, with a baby photo of your child, such a mother-daughter photo you can give to grandma. She will love a picture of her beautiful girls! Then hang the photos side by side and see if you see any similarities. To make it all that little bit more nostalgic for Grandma, you can add a sepia effect to the photos to give it an old-fashioned feel. Then print your photos on luxury wood to bring back the feeling of the past!

2. Photos looking at each other

You can also surprise your dear mother with two nice pictures. Choose a photo of yourself and daughter with both of you looking away. Then hang them next to each other on the wall and it seems that you are looking at each other. How nice is that? Your wall is sure to draw attention to itself! For this idea it is best to print a photo on canvas ! It gives your wall a dynamic experience.

3. The whole family on the wall

Surprise your mother with an original family photo. Picture the whole family and divide the attention between all family members! Make four wall decorations with a photo of half a family member’s face on each canvas. Hang these wall decorations in a square so that all faces together form a common image. Create tranquility and let the photos fit together by giving the photos a black and white effect. These black and white photos are beautiful on brushed aluminum.

4. Generations in a row

Grandma, mother and child together in one photo?  The panoramic formats offer enough space for all family members on one forex plate . Surprise both your mother and your grandmother with this special “3 generations photo” on the wall. Your photo will come out professionally and clearly on the white plastic plate and can hang in an exhibition space!

5. Distribute your photos

An original way to present your photo: find a nice photo of your mother and you and divide this image into three photos. With this triptych you cut a photo into three parts and place these parts over three separate canvas prints. If you hang these photos next to each other, they together form one image.


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