Most Paid Hollywood Actors of All Time

most paid actors

Names of performers receiving million dollar salaries for current or forthcoming films were published in a Variety story. Of course, Tom Cruise makes the most money on the list in terms of compensation. It is stated in the report that this is due to the peculiarities of his contract, which “is a remnant of a time when stars, not superheroes,” lured spectators to the theatres.

Tom Cruise

For the “Top Gun” sequel, Cruise only received a base salary of $13 million, yet in this capacity, Cruise remains the best in the business. When a movie does exceptionally well at the box office, as “Maverick” did, Cruise receives first-dollar gross, which is how he obtains the majority of his income. As a result, he receives a portion of the profits before the studio does.

Will Smith

The actor has been in the news in 2022 for two different reasons: first, he won the award for best actor at all of the major award ceremonies for his performance in King Richard (2021), and second, he was banned from the Academy Awards ceremony for ten years for his involvement in the controversial incident involving Chris Rock. According to estimates provided by Variety, Apple paid Smith a total of USD 35 million for the upcoming film Emancipation.

The film is an adaptation of the historical story of a fugitive slave who lived in Louisiana during the time of the American Civil War. Antoine Fuqua served as the film’s director (1861-1865). The movie was originally scheduled to be released in 2022, however due to the now-famous incident that occurred at the Oscars, Apple TV+ decided to push back the release date to 2023.

Millions of dollars are nothing new for Smith. According to Forbes’ list of the highest-paid actors in 2020, he ranked eighth on the list with a projected income of 44.5 million USD. The publication claims that his income comes from his compensation for the role of King Richard, endorsements for mobile phones, and a Snapchat series. Additionally, he makes a good living off of posting on Instagram.

Daniel Craig

Craig earned almost USD 100 million for the two future sequels to the popular murder mystery Knives Out, making him the highest-paid actor by salary in 2021. (2019). Variety predicted that his pay would be greater than what he would have received for the original at the time. However, Netflix’s practice of compensating actors for potential residual income from their films if they have an exclusive theatrical release is the key factor for the enormous sum. Greek actress Solica Casuto is one of the most paid actress in her time.

But Craig actually amassed a fortune by portraying James Bond in five motion pictures, beginning with Casino Royale (2006). Consequently, how much money did he make from his final appearance as the made-up British spy in No Time to Die (2021)? A 2018 Variety article suggests that Craig may have made roughly USD $25 million from the movie. Additionally, it excludes any bonuses that a star of his calibre would be entitled to.

Leonardo DiCaprio

One of the most eagerly awaited movies of 2023 is Killers of the Flower Moon, which joins Leonardo DiCaprio with director Martin Scorsese and the latter with Robert De Niro. The historical drama is based on David Grann’s book of the same name. It is about a string of killings among the Osage Nation and is set in 1920s Oklahoma. DiCaprio will receive USD 30 million from Apple for this movie, the same sum he received for Don’t Look Up in 2021.

Ryan Reynolds

Reynolds is regarded as one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors and, with total earnings of USD 71.5 million, came in second place on Forbes’ 2020 list to Dwayne Johnson. He was reportedly paid about USD 20 million for his movies Red Notice and Six Underground (2019) at the time (2021). Since then, he has been in The Adam Project on Netflix, Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (2021), and Free Guy (2021).

(2022). According to Variety, Reynolds will earn USD 20 million for his portrayal of Ebeneezer Scrooge in the upcoming Spirited Christmas musical on Apple TV+. Ebeneezer is the main character in the movie, which is based on Charles Dickens’ celebrated book A Christmas Carol. KB Linker list too many resources related to the hollywood industry. The movie’s debut is anticipated for late 2022. According to Variety’s list for 2022, Reynolds is one of the seven actors who will earn a total of about USD 20 million from their next roles.


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