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Midasbuy Pakistan

Midasbuy Pakistan: PUBG is a game that has thousands of fans. Basically, it is a battle game with its users all over the world. People are addicted to this game and many are so crazy that they spend their money on this game.

You must be wondering how they pay for the game. So they purchase different versions that are helpful in their game and increase their ranks in games. In this article, we will talk about what Midasbuy Pakistan is. So let’s see the details:

What is Midasbuy Pakistan?

Players from all over the world use this online website to buy Unknown currency. For buying UC online you have many options. In Pakistan, you can buy online UC with the help of JazzCash which will aid you in weapon up-gradation.

How can you buy UC for PUBG in Midasbuy Pakistan via JazzCash?

It is very easy to buy UC via JazzCash. You just have to follow some steps given below:

1-   First of all, go to the official website of Midasbuy Pakistan.

2-   You will see a box where they will ask for your compulsory information. You have to enter your player id here.

3-   At the payment method choose JazzCash.

4-   Now decide which UC you want to buy and then select them.

5-   You will notice the buy now button. Hit that button to complete your purchase.

6-   After that for privacy concerns they will make you agree to some conditions. You have to agree with them.

7-   For further process click on the continue option.

8-   In the next step you have to give your information like your name and id etc. then you have to pay for your purchase online.

9   And boom! You have successfully bought UC online on Midasbuy PUBGPakistan.

How can you buy UC online for PUBG in Midasbuy Pakistan via Easypaisa?

In Pakistan, the other way to buy UC online is through Easypaisa. It is not difficult to buy UC, you just have to keep following the given steps.

1-   First you need to open the official website of Midasbuy Pakistan where you can make purchases related to your games without any issue.

2-   At the top of the screen you will see a flag where you have to choose your country.

3-   Click the flag and on the search bar write Pakistan and find its flag and after that select it.

4-   The next step is to purchase at the lower bottom of your screen you will see the purchase option. Select it.

5-   Then here you will get a lot of options to complete your purchase.

6-   Enter your player id, the things you want to purchase, and the method through which you pay.

7-   After selection, you will see an option of payment. Click on it and you will be directed to a new page.

8-   On this page, you will be asked to give your contact number. The purpose of this step is to verify your number. It will make sure that you have an easy paisa account or not.

9-   Select the approve button given in the menu. And yes you are done making your successful purchase.

What are PUBG UC rates at Midasbuy Pakistan?

As the rate of international currency increases or decreases the rate of UC also increases or decreases. Some current rates of UC are given below:

Pakistani rate PUBG UC
Pkr 20 UC 7
Pkr 75 UC 30+2
Pkr 150 UC 60+3
Pkr 750 UC 300+40
Pkr 1500 UC 600+90
Pkr 3900 UC1500+375



In PUBG you buy currency for gaming by paying real money. And it is mostly used to get new costumes, weapons, and many other things that increase your rank in the game. You can also win coins by completing missions. In this article, we have discussed all details related to Midasbuy Pakistan. Hope you like it.

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