Meth Makes You Mad, Literally: Louisiana Drug Rehab Specialists

Louisiana Drug Rehab

Methamphetamine or meth is a Schedule II drug, which means it is available legally only through a non-refillable prescription given by a licensed medical provider. Doctors generally prescribe it to treat ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder). In some cases, it is used to treat obesity.

Nowadays, meth prescriptions are getting rare, as other drugs have taken their place for the treatment of ADHD.

Yet, meth addictions still occur. Louisiana drug rehab center gets many cases wherein people are severely addicted to this prescription drug. Most of the time, it is the carelessness of a person towards his or her prescription guidelines. Other times, it’s simply a case of meth turning more powerful than a person’s willpower.

How does meth work on the brain?

Methamphetamine causes a quick rise in the level of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is a chemical designed to regulate motivation, movement, reward, and pleasure. The sudden rise in its level leads to a feeling of euphoria, popularly called the “high.”

Due to its powerful effect on the brain, addicts require proper drug detox in a “drug rehab near me” to clean their system of meth.

“I want my meth again and again”

Imagine your brain saying this!

Meth’s effects shoot up quickly and then dip. The typical duration of effects is 6-8 hours. After that, you are back to the good old world.

But, after being on cloud nine for so many hours, you don’t like to come back to the real world. You crave to go back to cloud nine.

So, you take another dose of meth. Do this repeatedly and you become an addict. Users often “binge” on meth by gulping a huge dose and “flying off” to cloud nine. They feel super happy, confident, and powerful. They seem to own the world. This is how meth makes you feel.

Sounds appealing, right? But, in reality, these “good” feelings are actually your doom in disguise.

If you do not take help on time, things start to get worse. Methamphetamine addiction starts showing its true colors.

When bugs crawl on your skin

Meth users love to stay on cloud nine. When they realize they are getting back to the real world, they become agitated. Doctors call this phase “tweaking.”

Such a person is highly irritable. He or she may develop psychosis. They may get auditory, visual, or tactile hallucinations. They become suspicious of the people around them.

Many begin to feel bugs crawling on their skin! It feels so real that they scratch and pick their skin, leading to scabs and sores. It’s a sorry state.

Many users become tolerant to meth and now they require a higher dose. They are unable to reach the desired “high.” This makes them furious, even violent.

According to rehab specialists, you must not deal with somebody in a tweaking stage. They may become violent with you. Tweaking is a dangerous state. If you see somebody in this state in or around your house or office, please call the addiction hotline immediately.

Be cautious and avoid going near the tweaking person.


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