Matchmakers In NYC: 8 Best Matchmakers And Their Costs


Finding love in a city where everyone seems to hurry to meet life goals and survive can be overwhelming. Not many people have the luxury of attending social gatherings to relax. Therefore it can be very tough to find a partner willing to walk the journey with you. However, consider dating apps and matchmakers if you are determined to find someone to share a life with. Below are a few suggestions of matchmakers in NYC you could consider. 

Master Matchmakers 

This is a licensed, verified, accredited matchmaker in NYC. It is a national professional matchmaking service that targets men and women seeking serious relationships. You will meet coaches who will help you get through the dating phase. All coaches are easy to talk to. It is also possible that the background check will make you feel even more at ease meeting with strangers for the first time. If you often feel that you are playing a guessing game while going out on random dates, this dating company can be a reassuring bet. Master matchmakers will remove this form of game from your dating process and help you find your ideal partner. With its exclusive membership, you get to enjoy a combination of date coaching and personal matchmaking. The company has been helping singles in New York since 2007, so you can trust them to help you. 

Agape Match By Maria Avgitidis 

When considering the best matchmaker NYC service provider, you want to choose a reliable platform that is easy to navigate and one that has a great experience. The agape match is one of the renowned ones. The platform is owned and run by Maria Avgitidis, who targets men between the mid-20s and mid-60s.

Usually, the matchmaking program costs about $25,000 for six months. This includes a minimum of 6 matches in the duration, not to mention the dating coaching sessions, which start at around $10,000—paying clients to get to meet Maria face to face for the first consultation. They will then be matched with women in her database.  


Women join the platform for free and wait to be matched to the paying clients. Once she comes across someone you may like, she supplies the biographical information and arranges for a first date. If this hits off right, they organize a second date, and the rest is history. The platform was established in 2009. 


Serious Match Making by Janis & Carly Spindel 


This is another very successful matchmaking platform for serious people. It is a mother-daughter matchmaking outfit in NYC. and is known for successfully helping high-end individuals. It targets successful men looking for long-term relationships. The costs charged depend on who you will be working with.  


The two ladies are a definite guru in the sector as they match millionaires with the right partners. To enjoy these services, though, you have to part with $25,000 to $350,000 and more when working with Carly. 

On the other hand, to work with Janis, expect to pay more, starting with $50,000 to $1,000,000. This makes her one of NYC’s millionaire matchmakers. To get both women serving you, pay $65,000 to $300,000.  

Women also pay for these matchmaking services a one-time screening fee of $250-$500 and must pass an interview to join the database. Potentials get to meet Janis and Carly over lunch or dinner, where they select a matching fee and pay upfront, after which they can expect to have 12 introductions in 12 months. For a platform that has been around since 1993, the success is not surprising. 

Ambiance Matchmaking by Leslie Wardman 

This elite matchmaking service has its headquarters on the San Francisco coast. However, it has since expanded to the rest of the US and has an office in NYC. It targets men and women in their 30s and 60s with services starting from $19,500. The cost depends on whether you want local, international, or national partners.  

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Being a boutique-style dating agency with limited staff, you can be sure that you will be getting personalized attention since Leslie can only take 20 clients at any given time. The database has over 10,000 singles looking for love, so compatibility is the key to first-time matches. The platform started in 2002. 

Modern Love Club by Amy Van Doran 

Amy is a self-proclaimed coolest boutique matchmaker in NYC. She works with few men and women and deals with clients in their late 20s and mid-50s, charging at least $20,000+ for six months. The cost increases depending on the list of details you want in a partner. 

Clients need to submit an online contact form first, and she will assess if she can help. She has a team of recruiters who invite interested people to sign up for the services at a one-time cost. The modern love club was founded in 2008. 

Three Day Rule by Talia Goldstein 

Although its headquarters is in Los Angeles, this is a popular one in NYC. It targets men and women in their mid-20s to mid-60s. You have to pay $6,100 for three months and get at least three matches to enjoy the services. Alternatively, you can choose the $9,300 for six months packages, which comes with at least six matches. A VIP membership package includes paying $16,500 for six months of matchmaking services and a professional photoshoot. You are free to join the database and be matched with paying clients. The platform was founded in 2013.

NYCity Matchmaking by Michelle Frankel 

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Michelle specializes in matchmaking singles in NYC, although she works with a national and international network of matchmakers. Her services started in 2012 and target men and women in their 20s to 60s seeking diverse relationships with charges ranging from $7,500+ for six months for general matchmaking services, $5,000 for six months of date coaching, and $500 for six months of online dating assistance. A mandatory interview fee of $300 in person or $150 remotely is charged to any interested person. 

 VIDA Select by Scott Valdez 

This platform was founded in 2009 and is probably the most affordable matchmaking service you will get. It comes in three levels, basic, premium, and elite paid monthly. They are $995/month for basic options with premium options beginning at $1595/month and Elite packages starting at $2395/month. You expect to meet someone special every three months from the high-quality database of NYC singles.  

Final Thought 

Finding the right matchmaker or matchmaking platform is not rocket science. Read reviews and check what other successful couples have to say. The cost may also be a determining factor. But you must set your criteria to choose the best company for your exclusive needs.  




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