Madison Elizabeth McMahon Bio, Age, Height, Spouse, Facts

Madison Elizabeth McMahon

You guys are very interested in celebrity kids and their lives. So I have brought information about one of the very popular star kids Madison Elizabeth McMahon. It is not compulsory that if parents are in the film industry their children would also join it.

Everyone has different interests and goals and they work hard to achieve them. So in this article, we would talk about Madison and his career. If you are her fan then read the article till the end. So without wasting any time let’s get into the details.

Madison Elizabeth McMahon:

She is famous as a celebrity kid and you must be pondering to know about her celebrity parents. So let me tell you that he is the daughter of Julian McMahon. He is an American Actor and is popular due to his acting skills.

Madison’s age and education:

The gorgeous Madison was born in 2000 on the 10th of June. According to this date of birth, she is 22 years old. Her birth place is Manhattan. She was fond of getting an education and she graduated in 2017. But the name of the institute is not known. You know that these kids keep their lives personal.

Elizabeth’s Personal life:

According to some resources, it was confirmed that she had a very romantic relationship. The boy was a footballer from Wake Fores Deon Deacons. But due to some reasons, they got separated.  Moreover, he was also seen with another boy but no one knew who he was. After that, she avoided dating anyone. And if she is dating someone she is keeping it personal. Because right now the information is that she is single and focusing on her career.

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Julian McMahon kids:

Julian is an American actor and father of Madison Elizabeth McMahon. Julian got married to famous model Brooke Burns and has a little princess daughter. It was a rumor that Julian got divorced because he cheated on his wife.

Later after divorce, he got married to Kelly Paniagua. And Burns also got married to a very popular filmmaker and is living her best life. Both are happy in their life. Julian and Brooke together had only one kid and Brooke later had a daughter with her second husband.

Madison Elizabeth McMahon and her Career:

This is the most important thing about Madison. She is a crazy fan of Volleyball. Madison is willing to build her career in Volleyball. She never missed any chance to play Volleyball. In her high school, Madison was a member of the Volleyball team. Moreover, she is also a member of the Elite Beech team of Volleyball.

Clubs that she joined:

Apart from playing in high school and elite beach. Madison Elizabeth McMahon’s craze for Volleyball led her to play for many clubs. These include the Sunshine Volleyball club and the southern California Volleyball Club. Madison is really devoted to Volleyball and doesn’t have any interest in joining the film industry. She is really hard working.

Sir William McMahon:

As you have learned, Madison’s dad was a famous actor and their mom was a famous model. She also has a connection with the Australian prime minister. Yes, I know you are shocked after reading this. Julian is the son of William McMahon and with this relationship, she is the granddaughter of Sir William.

Madison Elizabeth McMahon’s achievements:

Madison Elizabeth McMahon is really and madly in love with Volleyball and this love helped her to make her debut on the Women’s Volleyball team at Pan American Cup. And here she got a gold medal for her performance.

Net worth:

Her father is a very rich person and she doesn’t have to do anything for her whole life. But she had made her career in Volleyball. She was a member of many Volleyball clubs her estimated net worth is 100k dollars. If we talk about his father then his net worth is 16 million dollars.


Madison Elizabeth McMahon is a crazy fan of Volleyball. Being the daughter of a popular actor, she hasn’t ignored her desire and worked hard to achieve a name in this game. I hope you like this article.

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