Life is Strange True Colors Wavelengths DLC

Life is Strange True Colors Wavelengths DLC

True Colors of the Human Condition DLC for Wavelengths transports the protagonist to new locales, introduces new people, and extends current stories in a novel manner. The players are given control over Steph Gringrich, a minor character in Before the Storm. The narrative begins when she initially arrives in Haven Springs, almost a year before Alex Chen’s arrival. When Chloe and Steph first met in Chloe’s prologue chapter Before the Storm, they became close friends due to the allure of Dungeons & Dragons. Wavelengths does more than simply fill the hole left by Before the Storm’s conclusion; it also offers a glimpse into Steph’s personal life.

As players will discover if they pursue Steph’s love path in Life is Strange: True Colors, the drummer never planned to arrive in Haven Springs. She utilizes the little town as a chance for a break and to prepare the next chapter of her life after a difficult separation that results in blocked phone calls. Wavelengths demonstrates that despite her impulsive and spontaneous style, she is always preparing her next move and thinking ahead, even if she never considers the long term. Instead of completing her own research on the shop’s radio station, she depends on her pseudo-psychic abilities to supply some information.

Steph uses a D20 to forecast the destinies of callers seeking critical life advise, such as coming out as homosexual, meeting the parents of a girlfriend for the first time, and Gabe, who is terrified to contact with Alex for the first time in years. Both Steph and the D20 cannot provide exhaustive information. One year into her career at the radio station, she chooses to discontinue the feature after realizing that even the finest aspects of life are prone to change. Alex Chen has arrive.

This is an acceptable spot to begin Wavelengths, even if players could see the conclusion of Life is Strange: True Colors from a mile away. This non-traditional ending works as a plot device in Steph’s story since it deviates from the typical narrative framework. This is the game for you if you want a more intimate look at someone’s day-to-day challenges. Players will discover about previously hidden aspects of Steph’s personality, such as how she resolves interpersonal disputes and the impact it has on her relationships and prior events.

Wavelengths gives a stunning new viewpoint on the aftermath of Chloe’s death and the destruction of Arcadia Bay, depending on the individual the player chooses to save at the conclusion of Life is Strange. There remain unsolved concerns surrounding the individuals left behind in Arcadia Bay after Before the Storm, regardless of the outcome. It may not answer every fan’s question, but it does fill in some of their knowledge gaps.

In contrast to True Colors, in which Alex is frequently soothed and escorted by the endearing citizens of Haven Springs, Steph’s time is spent alone. There is no need to walk outdoors since everything takes place within her record shop and radio booth. She will make phone calls, flirt with strangers on a Tinder clone, and text her pals in seldom used group chats while at the train station. In the days leading up to Chloe’s first birthday or as she’s putting down her Pride decorations, she dwells on how much she misses her closest buddy.

Currently in her life, Steph’s disposition fluctuates with the seasons. Despite her suspicion, she refuses to review the incident in retrospect. As part of the Wavelengths DLC for Life is Strange, Steph must confront her history and learn to persist.

Steph has only had two face-to-face interactions with other humans, demonstrating their importance in both her past and present. Mikey, Steph’s best buddy and D&D companion, returns as a recurring character from Before the Storm. Mikey must extract the skeletons from her closet in the form of traumatic memories of sessions with Chloe and Rachel in order for them to continue their trip, but he is successful in doing so.

While she has once again left, he is able to assist Steph in confronting her history and encourage Gabe to meet Alex, the only actual person who has ever visited Steph’s record store. Deck Nine appears to have favored one of the two lovers in Life is Strange: True Colors, while initially treating both equally.

Life is Strange: True Colors will leave players with a strong urge to play the game again, especially for the sake of seeing Alex Chen and Steph’s pure romance come to completion.

Although this is the only glimpse into Steph’s life before Before the Storm and Alex’s narrative in True Colors, it provides insight into her genuine response to tragedy and her choice to leave Haven Springs. Steph is a lesbian who resides in a small town, yet she still desires the hectic lifestyle of a band member. Wavelengths covers the gap between Before the Storm and True Colors in the Steph Gingrich tale.


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