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JemRock Organization to focus on delivering affordable luxury apartments in Manhattan

JemRock Organization whose member and COO is Norman S. Jemal will focus on delivering affordable luxury apartments beginning in New York City and ultimately well beyond.
SS Jemal will act as President & CEO of JemRock Organization LLC.

JemRock OrganizationJemRock Organization has been created to realize SS Jemal’s mission to convert existing buildings, beginning in Manhattan into affordable luxury apartments for sale and/or rent.
SS Jemal along with his oldest son Norman S. Jemal are focusing their collective efforts on finding magnificent older buildings in Manhattan initially that can be expeditiously and economically retrofitted into an apartment. They have focused their search on the very prime areas of Manhattan that are in close proximity to the NYC subway system. SS Jemal and Norman both recognize that the New York market is unaffordable to the average New York working class individual. Their strategy is converting an existing building into apartments, there by resulting in enough of a cost savings when compared to a ground-up development project, so that the end result product can be delivered at an affordable price point.

SS Jemal, along with his firstborn son Norman S. Jemal, is planning on delivering multiple thousands of affordable luxury apartments to Manhattan within 12-18 months. This aggressive timeline can be achieved because JemRock Organization’s plan is to convert existing, prime-located Manhattan buildings into these apartments that will then be offered either for sale or rent. Through JemRock Organization LLC, the Jemal’s have trademark pending the brand name CENTRAL for this endeavor. The Jemal’s have also trademark pending and slogan mark pending “Live, Work, Be Well”, which actually defines JemRock Organization’s three-point concept for the buildings. The Central resident will be able to work out of the same building he or she lives in as there will be a “WorkWell” component in each building, whereupon the resident can commute down an elevator to the lower floors, into a dedicated glass cubicalized work station available exclusively for rent to the building residents. A large centrally located state-of-the-art conference room will also be made available by reservation. The upper floor of these buildings will be converted into “FitWell”, which will contain a state-of-the-art fitness studio featuring a gym, pilates and yoga studios coupled with an organic juice bar and restaurants. A spiral staircase will connect FitWell to a rooftop deck featuring fire pits, bar and lounge which will include live DJ performances in a “club-like” atmosphere capitalizing on the very prime Manhattan views that each of these buildings possesses. 

SS Jemal has gathered a truthfully world-class, NYC centric proficient crew to execute on JemRock’s CENTRAL concept. SS Jemal is no novice when it comes to real estate development, construction, nor the knowledge on how to build a brand name and marketing it.

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JemRock’s CENTRAL masterplan will initially be established in Manhattan as residential apartment conversions in previously present structures. CENTRAL will capitalize on an extremely depressed NYC real estate market and bring market what they name: “affordable luxury apartments”. JemRock has organized an indeed global-class staff of professionals constituted of NYC experienced specialists and professionals. JemRock identifies a unique pipeline of Manhattan property assets that completely match the CENTRAL model and standards. CENTRAL delivers a cheap option to the six-digit worker who previously could have never afforded to reside in a premium site in a lavish structure in Manhattan. CENTRAL will cater to the lifestyle desires of the very considerable collection of six-figure earners rather than to the diminutive crowd of multi-millionaires, who were propelled out of Manhattan to the outward boroughs.SS Jemal along with his son Norman S. Jemal have spent the four years focused on very studiously analyzing all the statistics and data relative the Manhattan residential marketplace. With the demand for apartment rentals currently swelling to pre-pandemic levels and beyond and supply diminishing through out New York City, SS Jemal currently considers this the ideal moment to attack with his CENTRAL idea and capitalize on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity the pandemic has generated. As SS Jemal noted: “I frankly do have a tremendous property-flow and vision that when coupled with JemRock’s professional staff, CENTRAL is foreordained for conquest. A comprehensively wide-ranging, detailed plan to establish the CENTRAL trademark and vision in Manhattan will shortly be completely disclosed and marketed to the general public. After originally establishing the CENTRAL trademark in Manhattan, the JemRock objective is to extend CENTRAL into other vital metropolitan cities in the USA and ultimately to the world. This can be efficiently and rapidly carried out in comprehensive unity with the CENTRAL Core team that has been organized, assembled and is in place”. With the zoning, design, construction, development, advertising, marketing and branding expertise SS Jemal has garnered over many years, coupled with the CENTRAL world-class team in place that Jemal has assembled, JemRock has a thoroughly, totally vertically combined unit of New York City trained professionals to accomplish the CENTRAL strategic masterplan from vision to reality.

With a reduced total cost in time, acquisition and construction, the savings realized will be passed directly to the consumer. JemRock Organization LLC will likewise benefit from Mr. SS Jemal’s experience building in excess of 20 million square feet of retail stores, shopping centers, office space and distribution centers. As owner and founder of Nobody Beats the Wiz. Mr. SS Jemal will bring to bear the experience he accrued through his personal and intimate involvement in building and construction of all the Wiz stores and shopping centers.

“The fact that CENTRAL combines living, working and health and wellness amenities all together under one roof and couples that with an heretofore, unseen affordable price tag is a real differentiator between CENTRAL and all the other competitors which really uniquely positions JemRock” said SS Jemal, President & CEO of JemRock Organization LLC.”I’m thrilled that through the creation of JemRock, CENTRAL’s vision will be brought to fruition. Having every facet of this plan centralized also enables us to achieve great economies of scale,” said Norman S. Jemal, COO of JemRock Organization LLC.

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