Is a wall safe worth it?

wall safe worth

Need somewhere safe to keep your valuables?

As much as we all hate to admit it, burglaries are not uncommon these days and finding a secure spot to conceal expensive or sentimental possessions is a smart move.

Whether it be cash, bank cards, jewellery, documents, electronics or family heirlooms, you can’t go wrong with a security safe. And one of the most common types of safes to be found in homes (and offices) is a wall safe.

Let’s take a closer look at what wall safes are and their advantages, so you can decide whether or not you should invest in one.

What is a wall safe?

A wall safe is basically a secret security compartment that allows you to keep your valuables out of sight.

Though these safes are usually on the small side, they’re great for stowing papers, petty cash and loose jewels. Plus, they’re installed at eye level, meaning you’ll be able to see what’s inside the safe without having to bend over or stoop every time you need to add or remove something.

Where can wall safes be installed?

Whilst you can install a wall safe virtually anywhere, finding a good hiding spot will increase the time it takes for thieves to find and uncover your secured valuables. This means they’ll be less likely to get their hands on them without being rumbled!

Ideally, wall safes should be installed somewhere savvy criminals won’t think to look. The children’s playroom or at the back of your kitchen cupboard are both fantastic hiding places around the home. Libraries are another great place to install a wall safe – you could put it behind a bookshelf and use big, bulky books (i.e. encyclopaedias) to cover it up.

Other suitable places to house a wall safe include behind a painting, frame or hidden door.

What are the benefits of installing a wall safe?

When installed correctly, a wall safe will provide a concealed place for your precious items, and private and confidential information, giving you the peace of mind that they’re out of harm’s way.

Another great thing about wall safes is they don’t take up any floor space, which is ideal if you haven’t got an awful lot of room to work with!

As a result of being positioned at eye level, they’re super easy to access – unlike safes that are bolted to the ground or installed beneath the floorboards.

Most wall safes also come with a high-security locking mechanism, either a key, electronic or biometric (fingerprint) lock. This means you can lock your items away and relax knowing that nobody can access the safe unless they have the key, know the code or have a registered fingerprint.

Are wall safes expensive?

The price of a wall safe can vary considerably, depending on the size, weight, brand, insurance rating and lock type.

As with most things, the larger and heavier the safe is, and the more protection it offers, the more you can expect to pay. Similarly, upgrading from a key lock to an electronic or biometric lock will add to the overall cost of your investment, but will make it more convenient for you to monitor who has access to the safe.

To secure the best deal when shopping for a wall safe, take time to do your research. Don’t rush into buying the first model you come across and make comparisons between different models.

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