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In content marketing, the expression “content is king” has been crucial to emphasize the development of information that guarantees the success of a website. However, a world saturated with information has made the competition in the market even stronger. Therefore, attracting the reader’s attention will not only depend on you writing good content on your web page, but also on it being interactive. Here we explain what interactive content is on your website and how you can use it.

What is interactive content?

Interactive content is a powerful digital marketing tool that focuses on arousing the interest of the reader to access the information on a web page. The idea is to encourage you to perform different actions, such as: clicking, scrolling, answering a question, quizzes and surveys, participating in contests , playing a game, zooming, chatting, watching 360 videos, or even augmented reality ads , among other.

Why create interactive content?

Nowadays, companies use more and more interactive posts to attract their potential customers. It’s an easy tactic to create, and to deploy across all sales channels: website, blog, apps, etc. This interactive method enriches all your communication topics and offers a new field of possibilities.

Fresh and original interactive content helps your brand stand out from the competition. In fact, there are studies that claim that 91% of consumers look for interactive content when they shop online. Therefore, this strategy should be part of your content marketing plans for this year.

Types of interactive content

There are many types of interactive content to engage your readers. If you have no idea how to do it, we will teach you some of the most effective methods.

Animated infographics

It is not necessary to name the advantages that graphics have to visually represent quantified data and add value to corporate presentations. In the sales area, for example, this is a highly appreciated tool. Therefore, instead of a “flat” infographics, you can use an infographics that includes animated graphics , buttons, illustrations that come to life, etc. Thus allowing users to scroll and click on different focus points.

Simulator or interactive catalog

Now your products do not have to be only informative. With interactive content for your website , you can offer your prospects the opportunity to virtually handle your products and understand the benefits for themselves. It does this by creating points of interest, adding 360° views, integrating sliders to rotate the image, etc.

DSS interactive module

Many times, we find sites with difficult access to information about products and offers, when these are too complex, which makes visitors feel lost. To create an effective marketing strategy, you must work on personalizing the approach and simplifying its understanding with a user-friendly interface. You can do this with the help of an interactive DSS or Decision Support System module.

This module consists of the user answering a series of questions, such as: Are you between 18 and 25 years old? Are you still a student? Are you looking for loan solutions? Discover our Young + package, etc., until you find a personalized answer.

Interactive terminal

If your site has a showroom for customers or you have a business that participates in many promotional events, but you find it very difficult to move all your products for each of the presentations, then you can add an interactive terminal to your exhibition space by providing content. Multimedia, scenarios, etc. In short, everything that allows your visitors to better understands your products and therefore, their benefits.

You can reinforce your interactive content strategy for marketing between the physical and the virtual, using proximity sensors with Beacon technology.

Use the carousel format

A simple, yet effective way to engage your audience is to use carousel formats on your website. This tactic has proven particularly popular on Facebook, with carousel ad formats ten times better than regular ads. Why? Because of the interactive element.

By hooking your audience and persuading them to do something, they become more engaged with your content. Websites, like paid advertising, can also implement this content format on your home page, encouraging users to click through for more information.

Use interactive game modules

Explore the game world to engage your audience. Drag and drop, memory, quizzes, puzzles and more. These are all great ways to illustrate your messages while engaging with your potential customers!

You can include these modules in a presentation, in an institutional site, in a blog, in your social networks, etc. To do this, try to use a tool that allows the content to be available in different formats and/or platforms such as HTML5 / iOS / Android; and also, that it is compatible with all your digital media: website, mobile, tablet, etc.

Advantages of interactive content for your website

Transforming a text into interactive content gives your visitors the opportunity to be protagonists on your website. Their participation in the different strategies previously aligned for this purpose; generate great benefits for your online business. Let’s see what some of them are.

  • Stand out from the competition
  • Produce educational content
  • Work on brand awareness
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Generate more visits to the website
  • Facilitate access to the catalog of products and services
  • Gif uses Interactive Content

Interactive content is increasingly important

Interactive content for websites has a bright future ahead of it, offering much higher than average engagement rates. It is a method used more and more by the main brands and tends to become dramatically popular in the coming years.

This interactive method is slightly more expensive to produce than more traditional content. By changing your content publishing habits, with quality and a touch of originality, these will be more attractive to customers and more likely to generate the results that your web business needs.


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