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Instagram’s newest and latest updates have made it much easier for you to use, but with the new features come new opportunities for you to get ahead of your competition.

You’re probably wondering which of Instagram’s tools will help you be more productive on the platform? And that’s what I’m here to tell you about. I’ll share a few must-have tools that will help improve your time spent marketing on Picuki Instagram and talking about our products with followers.

In addition to these tools, I’ll also share five tools that you can use to combat the common Instagram problems such as incorrect tags, lost likes, etc.

The tools below will help improve your time spent on Instagram and help you reach more people. So, let’s get started!

Method 1: Use Hashtags –

This is a trick that you can use to find more followers (or customers for that matter). Just add a word or phrase to a hashtag, and all the photos/videos with that hashtag will show up as a result in hashtags search results. Since it’s simple, there isn’t much to lose by using it.
If you want to drive some followers to your Instagram profile, try adding “follow for a follow” or another similar phrase, to a hashtag and see what happens.
You can use this same trick for promoting your blog posts, products and other things. Just add one of your blog’s or product’s names to the hashtags and you’ll increase the chances of getting some engagement from people searching for it.

Method 2: Engage in Commenting –

This is something that overlooked by many business owners who are active on social media, but it won’t hurt if you add a few of your comments now and then.
As a rule of thumb, you should try engaging in commenting once a day at least. This will help you build some relationships in the comments section, and you never know when someone might pop up and help you out as well.
Your visibility is also increased if people engage back with your comment.

Method 3: Use Hashtags in your Instagram bio –

If it’s not already clear, adding hashtags to your bio is a good way to get more engagement. That’s one of the ways I got some of my initial traffic for my website without paying anything for advertising or promotion.
You can use this method even if you don’t have an Instagram business profile since it works the same on personal accounts too.

Method 4: Buy a few Followers and Likes –

This method may seem a bit shady, but if you have the money, why not? A lot of people who use this method say that they have never encountered any significant problems, and you can try it if you feel like you need to.
Instagram is all about numbers, and while having fake followers will not help your business out in any way, having more followers than your competition will. That being said, use this method on the side if you want.

Method 5: Use Hashtags for specific Countries/Regions –

If at all possible, create different sets of hashtags for different countries/regions that represent your target audience. Doing this will help you find new people who may like your product.
Also, when targeting specific countries, try talking in the local language to increase your visibility.

Method 6: Use Instagram’s Caption Templates –

If you’re using some of the longer format stories (If yes, read this article), then you can use the caption templates that Instagram has added recently to help you write captions more efficiently.

Method 7: Post at Times when people are more likely to be online –

Of course, there is no exact way to tell which is the best time to post on Instagram because it varies by region and demographics. The general rule of thumb is to post at times when your target audience is most likely to be online.
Instagram will show you the times when people are most likely to post on the platform, so this can be useful information in picking out good hashtags and other tools.

Method 8: Use Instagram Cards –

If you’re using the longer format stories in your profile, then use Instagram’s new card-based stories. These cards will display what you post in a more compact way, and it’s better displayed on mobile devices as well.
These are just eight of the best tools that I’ve found that can improve your Instagram marketing game. I’ve also found that a lot of people are having trouble with these tools so I’ve documented them here in case you have the same issues.
There are more Instagram tools to discover, but these 8 will make it much easier for you to use Instagram.

How Do You Use Instagram – Tools Guide

This will help you understand how to use Instagram in order for the results to be effective.
Instagram Tool: Hashtags – To be able to find more followers (or customers for that matter), just add a word or phrase to a hashtag, and all the photos/videos with that hashtag will show up as a result in hashtags search results. Since it’s simple, there isn’t much to lose by using it.This content is brought to you by FABIOMONT.


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