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The Inbound Closer course has a lot to offer aspiring marketers, from mindset lessons to actionable tools. In affiliate marketing, a positive mindset is critical to success. But how can you create this mindset? Read on to discover how to create the perfect mindset for success in affiliate marketing and other marketing activities high ticket sales. You will soon be reaping the benefits of your efforts. Listed below are some of the lessons taught in the Inbound Closer course.

Inbound Closing Accelerator

Before you decide to purchase the Accelerator for inbound closing, you should know that it is a program that claims to teach you how to close more deals with less effort. The program is a 21-day zero-to-pro accelerator that teaches you how to apply Payton’s proprietary Inbound Closing system. This system has been refined and perfected after payton made 3,180 phone calls and closed over $42 million in new business. The program promises to teach you how to handle difficult calls, follow a script, and more. The Inbound Closer has a money-back guarantee, but that’s because results vary.

The Accelerator for inbound closing has two video lessons. These videos teach the methods behind closing deals and how to use policies to make the best use of them. You will also learn how to handle common arguments that prospects use and how to use the response selling system to help you close more deals. These are some of the best lessons in the Accelerator for inbound closing program. You should also know that the course includes expensive upsells.


Investing in a good inbound closer program is essential if you want to achieve success in this business. This program will help you master objections, which will lead to more sales. It comes with several templates to use when setting up your profile, including videos and webinars. You can also get personal mentoring from Payton. In this review, we’ll take a look at the most important modules of this program.

Modules 1 – 4 – 5 – Introduction


The price of an inbound closer program can vary greatly. Many people pay several thousand dollars for a basic package while others pay more than $10,000. Depending on how serious you are about making sales, you’ll likely need a list of clients, real calls, and commissions. You can read user reviews on sites like TrustPilot and Reddit to get a better idea of what to expect from this program. Some customers recommend purchasing a book on sales instead. Inbound Closer’s sales training and sales kit are incredibly valuable. However, these are a significant markup on freely available information.

The Inbound Closer program was founded by two entrepreneurs with extensive experience in digital marketing and sales. Taylor Welch had already built successful businesses as a software engineer, affiliate marketer, and digital marketing consultant before joining Traffic and Funnels. He then decided to use his sales skills to make the program more effective for business owners. His wife, Payton Welch, had worked in the retail industry before she joined Traffic and Funnels. In just three months, she made more than $42 million in sales from inbound marketing calls, averaging $14,000 per call. After joining the program, Taylor Welch promoted Payton as a Sales Mentor and she has shared her passion for marketing with clients.

Payton Welch

The inbound closer certification program offered by Payton Welch is a video course that takes you from zero experience to high ticket closer in 21 days. In a single year, Payton closed $42 million in sales after making over 3,000 phone calls. In the course, you will learn how to become a high ticket closer and build a list of high ticket clients. The course includes the Daily Commission Check Blueprint, a two-part training module that teaches you how to land your first high ticket client in a week. You can also join the Inbound Closer Mastermind group for support and discussion.

The main concept of the Inbound Closer is to teach you how to close big ticket deals, whether you are inbound or outbound. This sales training program comes with a comprehensive list of videos and webinar recordings and a private Facebook group where you can interact with other students in your niche. But, if you aren’t interested in online marketing, this program isn’t for you. It teaches you how to close high ticket deals with high-ticket customers.

Eli Wilde’s book Becoming an Inbound Closer

The first module of Becoming an Inbound Closer by Eli Wilde covers the philosophy and techniques behind closing. It covers important topics such as preparing for your close and how to conduct a call. Eli shows you how to master objections and close with confidence. Taking a sale to the next level starts with a confident sales call. Eli’s book also outlines a powerful closing script.

The second module of the course focuses on closing calls and how to create confidence when doing so. Eli discusses how to position yourself as an authority figure and how to deal with objections. He also shares practical tips for closing calls and gives you templates for your profile and closed group. Lastly, you will learn how to build trust through mentoring from the course’s instructors. For the price of this book, Becoming an Inbound Closer will teach you how to close sales and close more deals.

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