How to write email copy that converts (everytime)

Email marketing

Email marketing is a central component of most effective marketing strategies. And it’s used by successful companies across the world to meet their business objectives. However, it’s not always an easy channel to master. In order to nail email marketing, you need to be able to write compelling, conversion-boosting emails. And send them out regularly. In this article, we run through the most helpful tips we have for achieving exactly that. You’ll never suffer from email stress again with this helpful guide in your pocket.

Know your purpose (and be guided by it)

Any well-written marketing email is formed from a place of purpose, direction and intention. Without knowing exactly what you’re trying to accomplish with your email, you’re simply unable to drive the outcomes you want. 

So, before writing, ask yourself: what am I trying to achieve with this email? Why am I sending it? Will it add value to the audience? If you can’t answer these questions, you probably shouldn’t be sending an email as it’s likely to make a positive blip on your performance (and in some cases, sending a directionless, fluffy email will have the opposite effect). Leading to many unsubscribes. 

So before you start, make sure you have a well-defined intention, make sure you stay on track with it throughout the email writing process and review your final copy with it in mind. Writing with purpose is the golden rule to finding email marketing success. 

Know your audience

Connected to knowing your purpose is being able to understand your audience and their needs. This is absolutely crucial to writing successful email copy. Your copy needs to speak to your audience explicitly and will ideally spotlight at least one of their most profound pain points. An example is the need to cut costs. 

A great email will link together this pain point and your offer /  product / service. For example, providing prospects with an eBook that shows them how to cut costs, or explaining a feature of your product that can help them do this, OR both. This connecting the dots process is absolutely vital to ensuring the maximum impact of your email copy. 


Flowing on from the need to know your audience, is the need to personalize your emails. Any email marketing expert knows that personalization is key to unlocking max impact. Using tokens for the first name and company name are easy wins that most people know about and you should definitely be using. 

However, using other personalization tokens like job title, country/location, and the communication channel they came into your database from are all great ways to build and consolidate connections with your target audience. 

That wasn’t too difficult, was it? With these insightful tips under your wing, you’ll never write a dud email again. Get ready to see the results flowing in. Wouldn’t mind a bit of extra help? have a whole bunch of expert writers who are highly skilled in email copywriting as well as website content writing, blog writing and more! Check them out today.


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