How to Throw a College Dorm Room Party

College Dorm Room Party

If you’re stuck in a small dorm room, or if you just can’t wait to get out of the house and make your own mess — here are some ideas for how to throw a totally awesome party. All of the following are inexpensive or free, require barely any preparation, and will be sure to set off the right celebratory vibe!

What You’ll Need:

– Lots of poster board or heavy brown paper (This can be found in the stationary/office supply section of your local big-box store!)

– Plastic picture frames from your local dollar store or thrift store

– Poster paint pens & paint, if desired (I found that I’m a huge fan of the colorful linework posters from Crayola) 

– A comfy couch for the guests to sit on and hang out; you might want to get these new flyers at Staples.

– Various small trinkets (anything brassy, colorful, or fun) to be thrown on top of the board on top of the poster.

– A nice, tall chair for your bestie (your roommate!) and an extra for her friend.

– Post-it note pads (also from Staples) to help spread out notes about the event and post-party details.

– A mini paintbrush to add more color to the posters if desired.

(All of these things can be found at your local office supply store. They are cheap and work well for this project!)

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How to Throw the Party: 

– First, separate your poster boards into 2 piles. One pile will be for the wall behind you, and one will be for everything else. The wall is pretty simple–you will make one poster board rectangle (3 posters wide, 3 posters deep). You want to use all of the different colored pens to make a nice pattern on top of your brown paper. Finish it up with some colorful trinkets. It’s great for sticking on the wall

– Next, move the posters off to the side and make several color copies of each one. Make sure that you vary the color construction paper from one poster to another so that everything looks effortless and not like a collage!

– Now, head over to your desktop and start laying out the first color copy in front of your brown paper rectangle. This is your template. Use the paint pens or crayons to add to the first poster. You want to make sure to vary the size and shape of each poster.

– After that, repeat these steps for all of your colored copies. You want to make sure that you are staggered in how you do this–start with a different colored copy over the first color copy, then move forward to a different colored copy and back over the one before it, etc. This will create a nice flow throughout your collage (you have 3 copies total).

– Ready to get the paint party started? Start filling in the wall with your posters and trinkets. Now you want to add a few layers of poster board over all of your posters (the ones on top are for decoration). Fill in the gaps under the pile of your poster with some more poster paper, making sure to leave one little opening so that you can see what is underneath!

– Next, take your leftover brown paper & cut it into strips. These will go on top of each other so that they look like stairs. Be sure to stagger these as well–you don’t want your collage to look too perfect.

– Take your paintbrush (or just some paint pens if you’d like to keep things simple) and add a little color here and there. This will liven up the college!

– Take everything off the wall and put it in the middle of the room with a comfy couch in front of it. Now you’re ready to party!

– Make sure that you have lots of snacks and beverages available for your guests.

– Your bestie (or bestie’s friends) will love being able to come over, hang out, and get to know each other!

– Definitely make sure you share the link with your friends and post a few pictures on social media! Now you don’t have to wait until the next Beyonce album drops, or until your college graduation to start throwing crazy College Dorm Room parties!

– If you’re feeling particularly fancy, take it one step further and make a fun video for your party about what inspired you to throw it. You could talk about an awesome blog post you read or the last great party you went to. I definitely recommend YouTube for this (seriously, it’s pretty amazing).

– Finally, take a look at my playlist and inspire!

–  My opinion? This party is not only super cool and fun but also totally low-key and easy to throw. You can really do this whenever you want to! It’s one of my favorite ways to get out of my bedroom and have fun with friends.

It- Great for a big dorm room party! (It took me 2 hours to make)

– I love the picture on the right; I did this one in my living room while drinking a glass of wine. It looked like a little piece of perfection.

– Want to make your own collage projects? Check out my other DIY College Kits!

– Are you looking for a fun way to host a college party, but don’t have enough space in your dorm? Try throwing an outside movie night with lots of cozy blankets and friends!

–  I also used some of these tips in this post about hosting a fun dorm room party!

What are your favorite ways to throw a party? Let me know in the comments!




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