How to Take Care of Your Gut Health


You might have heard the phrase “I acted a certain way because of my gut feelings” before – the question is, are you aware that a major part of your mental and physical well being depends on your gut health?

Yes, you read this right! When it comes to health, we cannot ignore our diet choices and whether we care for our health or not. While it is crucial to go for regular checkups and physical assessments, including colon cancer screening, to eliminate the chances of serious illness, it is equally important to become aware of what you consume daily to improve your gut health.

The best way to care for your gut health is described below.

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The more you move your body, the greater the chances for your colon to move – the more the colon moves, the less the chances of colon cancer and gut issues. That said, exercising is crucial for our entire body instead of simply losing weight.

The best time to go for a run or exercise is first thing in the morning – you feel fresh mentally and physically. So, make it a routine to exercise regularly and improve your gut health. It is also a crucial part of your gut health when it comes to the colon – we recommend getting yourself checked regularly, including going for Colon Cancer Testing.

Eat Right

While making sure that you consume more water and less fatty foods, you will also ensure that you consume smaller yet more frequent meals. You will only overburden your stomach and digestive system if you gulp down larger proportions of food at different times of the day.

Instead of having three big meals, we recommend going for six smaller portions. Also, when it comes to food, make sure to consume healthy, well-balanced food. Make it a priority to have prebiotics and probiotics every day to improve your gut health.

Don’t skip water – your gut needs sufficient water to function at its best. Eat right –take your time while chewing each mouthful of food. Doing so will take away much of the pressure from your digestive system as your teeth and the saliva in your mouth will work towards breaking down the food and helping you digest the food more easily.

Don’t skip on fibers while preparing your meals.

Intermittent Fasting

The best way to improve gut health is through intermittent fasting. Don’t get us wrong – intermittent fasting doesn’t mean that you have to go into starvation mode. Just make sure that you consume your food within an eight-hour window. Let us say you skip breakfast but drink loads of water before you have lunch at noon and then dinner before seven o’clock in the evening. Don’t eat anything after seven in the evening.

Intermittent fasting will also keep you young and ensure that your gut health stays in the best condition possible. Another important thing worth mentioning is that you must curb your stress level at all costs, as it seriously impacts your gut health.

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