How to Spot a Scammer in Hangouts


Is it possible that the charming individual currently sweet-talking you in Hangouts is actually a scammer? Many people don’t realize that—even though Google Hangouts isn’t a dedicated dating platform—a lot of scam artists consider this cross-platform messaging app an essential part of their toolkit. If that gives you pause for thought and you’re wondering how to spot a scammer in Hangouts then you’ve come to the right place. As private investigators who often encounter the fallout of online dating scams through our clients, we are here to offer practical advice on how to avoid romance scams and more. 

Wherever scam artists decide to pick-off their next victim from—whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, an online multi-player game, or even a dating chat room—a common feature right out of the romance scam playbook is to entice unwitting victims to move over to Hangouts for more in-depth private communication. If they give you their email address and then ask for yours, then be wary, because the first red flag is already raised! Initiation of a Hangouts session only needs to come from one side, and your email address might be just the tool they need to do some digging on your identity. If that has you rattled, then definitely read on for more of the typical scammer signs that you can look out for!

  • How To Screen For Potential Money Scammers

There’s nothing wrong with looking for love—and these days, the digital realm is as good a place as any to do it. However, it’s always vital to remember that those with immoral intentions are aware that romance is an ideal way to get people to let their guard down. Many of these individuals have honed their shtick and will come across as believable, but it’s still usually possible to trip them up. One of the easiest ways to do this is ask lots of questions about them, where they’re from, their timezone, their favorite local hangouts and so on. If you keep track of their answers, you can dig for the same details later and see if everything adds up.

Moving onto Google Hangouts is the perfect opportunity for a scam artist to send some photos as they continue to weave their web. While an attractive face might lull the unaware into a false sense of security, the savvy individual can use this as an opportunity to double-check the identity of the person engaged in seducing them. You can immediately run a reverse image search on Google to see if the pictures you’ve received show up elsewhere on the web. You might find that the individual’s social media presence checks out, or you might find their picture pops up in an online dating scammer list or a directory of online dating scammer photos—the only way to know, is to do a little private investigating of your own!

Other common features of the classic romance scam format include talking about feelings unusually quickly and throwing the big “L” word around, and pushing the online relationship forward until you’re willing to meet them, before asking for money to avert some personal crisis or make their journey possible. A solid golden rule when seeking love on the internet is to never send money, vouchers, or goods to anyone who you haven’t met in person—and if they keep making excuses for why they can’t meet, then consider that the impression you have of them may well be a mirage.

  • When You Encounter A Scammer on Hangouts

If you begin to suspect that the person you’re talking to isn’t who they say they are and that their intentions are dubious at best, you can report them to Google Hangouts by using the Block & Report function. Be sure to select the “Also Report” check-box, and know that Google will receive the last ten messages of your conversation—a fact that might make you consider your timing carefully.

If you realize that you’ve wised up a little too late and your wallet is already feeling the brunt of a money scammer’s handiwork, then a romance scam investigator may be just the ally to help you reclaim your power. In a world that sees online dating scams cost victims hundreds of millions of dollars every year, your choice to report your experience to the authorities and initiate a romance scam investigation in order to seek the return of your assets might just save another potential victim from facing the same trauma. If you would like the support of a private investigator with the experience to navigate this increasingly common experience, contact Lauth Investigations International today.

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