How to Practice Passive Screening on Property Management Software


Tenant screening is vital to every rental business. However, you don’t have to wait for credit and background checks to start targeting the tenants you want.

Passive screening and audience targeting are strategies for attracting ideal tenants before formal tenant screening. By employing thoughtful listings, ad placements, and marketing, you can weed out bad tenants before they even apply. In the meantime, your applicant pool will include more and more of your ideal tenants.

Innago property management software is an effective tool for managing and monitoring tenant screening. On a digital platform, you can disseminate your listings or ads, link other accounts, and streamline your business. 

Here are a few tips for practicing passive screening in your rental business using property management software.

Writing a Listing

Writing your listing is the first step to powerful passive screening. In your description, be sure to highlight the features and amenities you think your target population will most appreciate. 

For instance, if you are looking for long-term tenants who will renew leases, maybe you highlight the neighborhood’s pleasant community or in-unit washers or dryers. A renter who plans to stay for a while will appreciate these features and look for them in rental listings.

This simple method of audience targeting is highly practical and successful. Either start with your target population and extrapolate their wants and needs or consider what your properties already offer and target the renters who will most appreciate them.

Listing Syndication

The next step is to post your listings. While you could post individual listings to each listing site, there’s a much simpler and quicker way to accomplish the same task.

With property management software, you can write one listing and upload it to many listing sites simultaneously. Software companies partner with numerous popular listing sites (Zillow,, etc.) to allow your ads the maximum reach and potential. 

Listing syndication software also ensures your listings are consistent across platforms. You can even update, replace, or take down a listing when the time comes. Property management software is the fastest way to get your listings circulating and attract the right kinds of tenants.

Website and Social Media Integrations

Integrations define the way a particular software platform interacts and connects with other applications. Property management software platforms offer integrations with many sites for a variety of purposes: security, digital payments, task management, accounting, document signing, touring, mapping, insurance tracking, rental advertising, and more.

Integrations can also help you with passive screening. Let’s say you have a great company website or carefully curated social media accounts you want to integrate with your software. Some platforms, such as Buildium, have integrations for this purpose. Buildium’s integration with Goodjuju, a marketing agency for property managers, helps you coordinate your website marketing with your Buildium account.

If you’re tech savvy and your software is OpenAPI, you can also customize an integration with a particular site.

Target the Right Audience

It’s not enough to throw your ads on every available site or social network. To catch the strongest applications, you should cater your ads to the populations you want. 

For instance, passive screening tactics on social media could mean following accounts your ideal tenants would follow, using graphics and images attractive to your target audience, and building a presence on the same sites as those populations.

While passive screening is an effective strategy for attracting qualified tenants, remember that you don’t have the freedom to approve or deny tenants for any reason you want. It’s okay to target certain demographics (students, seniors, families, working professionals, etc.), but you can’t discriminate against any group protected under the Federal Fair Housing Act. Under this law, it’s illegal to deny housing to an applicant based on their race, color, national origin, gender, disability, familial status, or other protected class.

Streamline Tenant Screening with Software 

However, you create your ads and listings, property management software can help you filter out poor applicants and catch the best ones. With listing syndication and integrations, the software helps you design the passive screening approaches that work best for your business. By the time you get to active tenant screening, you will already have a strong group of applicants for your rentals. 

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