How to Make Your Corporate Customers More Loyal (and Stay Loyal)

corporate customers

While there are a great number of online and offline businesses that sell a product or service directly to the customer, there are also plenty of companies that primarily sell B2B (business to business). Suppose you are at the helm of one of these businesses. In that case, you’re likely to find that when it comes to taking the company to the next level, all of the techniques and strategies you’ll find for improving matters are aimed at those with the customer as the end-user in mind –not another corporate entity like yourself.

This situation is far from ideal, and any attempt to write down the options so you can filter them yourself will leave you with a laundry list that will likely discourage almost anybody from even getting started. However, there are some simple things you can do that will work with corporate customers to make them more loyal – and more likely to keep ordering with you as opposed to one of your competitors.

Build your relationship by letting them peek ‘behind the scenes’

As with any one-to-one human relationship, a business relationship is likely to become stronger the more you know about each other. You can tap into this with corporate customers by showing them what happens behind the scenes and some of the people who are instrumental in creating their products or delivering their services.

This does not just include the marketing and salespeople they will no doubt have already met, but the people who actually put together their products – and the human stories of how and why they do what they do. This level of insight will put you head and shoulders above any of the competition, and your customers can see exactly what goes on and make more of a connection with what you do for them.

Acknowledge their value to you with corporate gifts

Any business relationship will be made stronger (and benefit from increased loyalty) by acknowledging the efforts made by your customers to stick with you over the long term. Of course, this can be demonstrated with preferential pricing and making sure that if there is a shortage, your long-term customers get the first slice of any pie – but also recognize them more demonstrably by giving them gifts.

There are many options available when choosing to do this, but looking for something different will leave a lasting impression and let the customer know they are not just another column on their excel spreadsheet. You can do this by selecting a service similar to corporate gifts by Anthem Branding, so you are likely to leave the kind of lasting impression that could put you at the front of the customer’s mind when it comes to ordering again

Bespoke customer service training

As was pointed out earlier, while there are a lot of factors in common when selling to a business and the end user, there are also some significant differences – and this becomes most apparent in the area of customer service.

While end-user customers will often have an emotional attachment to the product or service they have ordered, your contacts at your corporate customer will have a different agenda. As a result, they will need to be treated differently – and finding the right training for this is key to keeping your customers on board for the entirety of the journey

Face-to-face meetings

After a long period when many meetings were conducted online using one of many tools of varying reliability, you might find that your relationship with your corporate customers is rekindled by a good old-fashioned face-to-face meeting.

While there are cost and environmental issues with traveling over pressing a button on the laptop, you will have to weigh this up with the potential gains of starting a meeting with a handshake or talking business over a fine lunch instead of a video call over the internet.

To sum everything up

In short, selling to another business is unlike selling to the end user; different tactics are needed to promote loyalty in this situation.

By letting people look at what you do behind the scenes and meeting them face to face, you can do much to put yourself in front of customers’ minds and in front of any competitors you happen to have. When you also recognize loyalty with corporate gifts, you can underline that you are somebody to do business with in the long term.


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