How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy  

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According to the National Pet Owner’s survey, more than 90 million households in the US have dogs. This is not surprising as dogs have repeatedly proven themselves as man’s best friend. As a result, dogs are the number one most domesticated animals.  

You get many advantages from having a dog as a pet. One will enjoy the benefit of companionship, as the dog will always be there for you. Also, dogs make you happy and keep you fit. They also have a way of reducing stress and improving their owner’s mental health.  

As evident, you will be better off in many ways with having a dog. Your habits, relationship, and interaction with the dog will go a long way in keeping you healthy and happy. In the same way, it is important to reciprocate the gesture and make life beautiful for the dog.  

This article will give various ideas that can help you have a healthy and happy dog: 

Watch out for their Overall Health  

Ensure you are always conscious of the dog’s health to keep her happy and healthy. In other words, the meal must be nutritious healthy with limited junk. Not only that, keep an eye on their skin color to know the state of their health. Form a habit of running your hand through their coat to detect any pain point.  

Ensure to watch out for lice and ticks as well. Such infestation could significantly make life uncomfortable for your dog. A regular visit to the vet is also a good idea. This is essential to detect any serious medical condition on time. Also, it can help guard against infestation.  

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Stimulate the Dog’s Mind 

While physical exercise is good for keeping your dog fit and curbing destructive behaviors, you also need to keep their minds engaged. This is more than confronting them with the animal planet while you are out.  

By nature, dogs are explorers. As a result, they will always look for new and exciting things to do. They expect you, the pack leader, to give them various opportunities to test their wits.  

Interestingly, you can challenge your dog’s mind in many ways. This can involve learning new tricks and games. Also, your dog will likely be excited about visiting and experiencing new places. Such will stimulate their mind, eye, and senses. If going out with your dog is convenient, by all means, enjoy their company.  

Your dog will benefit from an introduction to new places, smells, and even interacting with other dogs. Try various new things with your dog, and watch in awe as she lights up with excitement. 


Encourage Good Behavior 

Another way to show love to your dog is by applauding and encouraging good behavior. Your dog will always probably look up to your commendation and approval for what they do. As a result, encouragement can foster various good behaviors in the dog. 

Dogs are one of the most intelligent creatures. As a result, they can read your countenance and reaction. This means that encouraging them with treats, rewards, and other signs of commendations can make them happy.  

When you develop a good relationship with your dog and are generous with treats, your dog will appreciate it. However, ensure treats are not too much as you don’t want excess sugar for your dog. 

Socialize Your Dog 

By default, dogs live in the pack, making them social animals. This means you should not deprive them of the opportunity of meeting fellow dogs. Allow them to visit new places with you, as it can stimulate their senses and help model good behavior.  

Your dog will love and thrive from seeing new places, new people, and being around other dogs. As a result, seize every opportunity for your dog to meet other dogs by going for a group walk or visiting the dog park.  

Try Out a Dog Massage 

Almost everyone loves a massage. It can go a long way to calm your nerves and dissipate tension after a stressful day. Massaging your dog comes with improved blood circulation, reduced anxiety and stress, and improved bond between you. Interestingly, Fido will also enjoy a deep massage, and she will enjoy various health benefits.  

Before starting the massage, talk to your dog, and keep the communication going through the activity. Commence the massage from the head, and proceed with rotational movement to the neck and various body parts. Ensure you reach body parts that the dog cannot access himself.  

The legs, both front and back, should not be excluded. If your dog gives the impression of discomfort while working on any body part, complain to your vet.  

Don’t Stop Training 

Your instinct might be to stop training your k9 since he’s gotten the basic. However, that is a wrong idea as training is fun, and it also keeps their brain challenged. 

Ensure to concentrate on positive reinforcement to keep the dog interested in learning new things. With training, you can help reduce confusion for your dog since he will understand what you want, increasing confidence.  

Above all, regular dog training helps you spend time with your dog – something he will always look forward to.   


Everyone wants their dog to be healthy and happy. However, you need to do something to make this possible.  

From providing the proper stimulation to encouraging good behavior to massage your dog, you can improve their health and make them happy.  



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