How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Using a Stretch Marks Cream?


Stretch marks are completely normal, whether you have got them during your teenage years or your pregnancy. Roughly 80% of women have stretch marks at some point in their lives, and that’s not harmful to your health. If you still wish them to disappear, one of the easiest remedies is to use stretch marks cream. But do they work? Let’s find out!

Ask most women in your group, and you will know that you’re not alone! Having stretch marks is a part of womanhood. But your decision to get rid of them or embrace them is your call. Those groove lines on the stomach, butt, thighs, hips, legs, and arms remain a cosmetic concern for most. And even if you want to get rid of them completely, the truth is they won’t go away. 

But the good thing is they may lighten up with the help of certain skincare products or cosmetic surgical procedures. So, in this blog, we will share more information on how you can do away with stretch marks with the help of stretch marks removal cream and how to use them, and what to expect from them. 

What are stretch marks?

A stretch mark occurs due to collagen and elastin (in the skin cell layer) tearing beneath and resulting in a scar. As the area heals, your skin is left with stretch marks. Many people confuse scars and hyperpigmentation with stretch marks. Instead, scars result from the overproduction of collagen when wounds are healing. 

Stretch marks are formed when your skin undergoes stretching due to rapid weight gain or weight loss. The pressure is so extreme that it results in tearing of the skin. But hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration are caused due to the overproduction of melanin. You can get rid of it by using pigmentation cream for the face. 

While you may feel overwhelmed with stretch marks on your body, there’s something you need to know right off the bat: stretch marks cream is the easiest and cheapest way to vanish pesky marks on your body. 

Causes of stretch marks:

Perhaps many reasons could be responsible for stretch marks, including:

  • Rapid weight gain or weight loss 
  • Puberty 
  • Hormonal changes 
  • Breast implant surgery
  • Excessive bodybuilding 
  • Consuming steroids 
  • Medical conditions 
  • Some people are genetically predisposed to developing stretch marks. 

But do stretch mark creams work?

Stretch marks cream can help improve the appearance of red or purple lines on the skin, but you should also adopt certain preventive measures and home remedies to avert them. In addition, newly formed or occurred stretch marks can be more responsive to the application of marks cream. 

So, if you have just started to develop those annoying lines on your body, you can use these creams to fend off those marks. In addition, even if you are genetically predisposed to stretch marks, these creams can work rather well. 

How to pick the best cream for stretch marks?

Here are some general guidelines to help you buy the best stretch marks cream for yourself. 

  • Pick the right ingredients

If your concern is to lessen the existing stretch marks, you should try on the ingredients like Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid. This will help improve or reduce the stretch marks appearance. Such ingredients are meant to smoothen fine plump lines and strengthen skin and surface. 

  • Consistency is the key

You may use the right ingredient, but if you don’t use it regularly, it will be of little help. It would be advisable to opt for a product that features safe and gentle ingredients that do not hurt your skin.

The more regular you are, the more it keeps your skin soft and smooth. Massaging the cream into the skin allows the ingredients to penetrate well and makes it even more effective. 

  • Understand what you want to achieve

As with any skincare product, one size does not fit all. So that goes without saying that different formulations may have different results for everyone. For example, some stretch marks cream target new marks, and others work wonders for old scars. 

Pregnant or breastfeeding women may require formulation to show the best results. Some are intended for a specific body part, such as the belly or thigh, whereas others can be dabbed anywhere. To understand your concern first and then decide your pick. 

Which is the best stretch marks cream?

Mamaearth has a solution to most skin concerns, pigmentation or stretch marks. We recommend using this brand with so many options in the market because it is nature-friendly and does not employ any harsh chemicals or toxins in its formulations. 

Mamaearth has a diverse range of skincare products, including pigmentation cream for the face best suited for different concerns. But first, let’s talk about its Stretch Marks Cream for pregnancy marks. 

Packed with the goodness of Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Calendula Oil, this cream intends to smoothen your skin surface while moisturizing the dry skin. In addition, it battles those red or purple lines on your body, primarily resulting from a hormonal imbalance, resulting in skin stretching. 

Ingredients used and their purpose:

  • Milk Protein: This extremely nourishing ingredient soothes irritated or dry skin. It seals in moisture to the skin and resurfaces the skin. 
  • Peptides: Known to build collagen and restore the elasticity of the skin. It also helps with the faster healing of your skin. 
  • Shea Butter: It boosts healing after surgeries and helps ward off stretch marks and lines on the areas, including your belly. 

Summing up!

Stretch marks are highly common and happen to most women and men. There is no one sure-shot address for treating stretch marks, but topical applications of stretch marks cream can help heal your skin. Albeit most of them fade away with time, if you still feel uneasy about those marks on your body, it’s time to prop up your skincare routine with the best cream for stretch marks. 



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