How to Fix 5 Common WiFi Problems

wifi problems
wifi problems

WiFi has become such an integral part of our daily lives. We’re so accustomed to it for listening to music, watching our favorite shows, and working from home. We don’t even think twice about it until we’re left with a weak connection or even worse, no connection at all! There are other issues as well, like forgetting network credentials. But some fixes can be different from simply asking a customer rep for help on how to change Cox WiFi password. Discover more below.

5 Most Common Wifi Problems We All Face

It’s no secret that wifi connections and speeds have tremendously improved over the years. But it’s also no secret that Wifi connections come with their own issues, you just need to hang around a coffee shop long enough to experience it. The trouble with your Wifi network can really affect your daily routine. But what most people don’t know, is that most Wifi problems are easily fixable. Sometimes, all you need is just a few simple steps. This article will list the 5 most common Wifi problems and how they can be fixed.

There’s No Wifi Signal in Certain Rooms

The signals from your Wifi router are broadcast in all directions. Make sure not to set up your router at the corner of your house. This would mean your Wifi is covering an area outside your house which is completely unnecessary. The best fix would be to find a more centralized location in your house which would broadcast the signals equitably throughout your area.

If you live in an apartment building and you’re experiencing this issue, chances are your network is getting too much interference from nearby routers. Since your neighbors are also using Wifi, their signals can sometimes interfere with yours which can cause delays in connections and speed. The best fix for this is to relocate your router to an area of the house that faces less interference. If that doesn’t help either, there is plenty of free software online to determine which channels are being used by the routers in your area. Switching to a channel with less traffic should do the trick.

Can’t Remember Your Wifi Password?

We all forget our passwords at some point in our lives, there are just so many to remember. Your Wifi password is no exception. A simple way to remember your passwords is to write them down or save them on a secure file. If you’ve forgotten your Wifi password then you’ll have to reset your router by pressing the pin button at the back of your device for 30 seconds. This should reset your router to its default settings. If this doesn’t work either then call your ISP and ask them to reset your settings. This should do the trick.

The Wifi Speed Is Too Slow

If you’re facing slow internet it could be because of a few reasons. Try connecting your laptop to your modem directly using an ethernet cable and check your internet speed. You can do this by using a site such as to get a reading of your speed.

If that doesn’t cut it, your speed could be affected by the amount of traffic on your router. If your wireless router is too crowded by your devices or others, your internet speed could fluctuate. The best fix for this would be to change your router’s channel from the router settings.

If this doesn’t work either and your Wifi seems to work fine on a wired connection, then your router may have become too old and likely needs to be replaced.

If none of these seem to be the cause of your problem, then chances are that it’s an issue with the internet connection. The fix for this is to call your Internet service providers.

Unknown Devices on Your Wifi Network

If you feel like your Cox gigablast internet speed is slower than usual then chances are that you could have unknown devices connected to your modem. It’s not uncommon for users to figure out your Wifi password and start leeching off your internet. The best fix for this is to log into your Wifi’s admin settings to find a list of all devices connected to your modem. If you locate some devices that aren’t yours, you can block them from accessing your Wifi. Once that’s completed, a simple change in your password should do the trick.

Connected to the Network but No Internet Access

This can be by far the most stressful Wifi problem, but it’s also the easiest to fix. When your laptop or device connects to a network you should be able to use it. But what if you’re unable to access the internet? This could mean a slight distortion in your router. Try plugging out the power to your modem and reconnecting it again. If this doesn’t do it, then it’s most probably an issue with the router itself and it might need to be replaced.


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