How To Express Sympathy To Your Loved Ones

sympathy gift

It’s not always easy to know how to show support to friends or family members who are going through periods of loss. It also doesn’t feel right to turn up at a funeral empty-handed. It’s traditional to give food or flowers to those who are in mourning, but you can also show your support by sending a sympathy gift.  

When sending your condolence gift, make sure you also send a sympathy card with your condolences written in a personal way. You have many options when it comes to appropriate and useful sympathy gifts. 

4 Options For Sympathy Gifts

Acts of Service

A meaningful and supportive gift, especially if your budget is limited, is to offer the bereaved person an act of service. There are many options for meaningful acts of service, for example, doing yard work, fetching their children from school, doing grocery shopping, or even helping with planning the funeral. 

House cleaning can also get out of control during stressful times. You can help them get their house sorted out yourself, but there are also cleaning chains where you can buy them gift certificates to have their house cleaned. Your friend will be grateful if you schedule a cleaning session for them. 

Food is always welcome and a home-cooked meal can go a long way in comforting them. A gift card for a pre-made delivery service, or even for a local restaurant can also be useful in the coming days. 

Flowers, Trees, and a Memorial Garden

It used to be common to send flowers to bereaved families, but this is not a favorite gift for many people, as the flowers usually start dying at the same time and can be an unpleasant and harsh reminder of the loss they just suffered. However, you can consider sending a bouquet of handmade flowers. The grieving person gets the beauty of a natural bouquet without worrying that they’re going to have to discard the flowers. 

Planting a tree in the garden can also be a beautiful way to remember a deceased family member. Provide the bereaved family with a sapling they can plant in their yard as a symbol of healing.

Planting a memorial garden is a great way to remember a loved one. You can give the bereaved family a custom gift consisting of all the elements they will need to create a unique memorial garden. This can include wind chimes, stones, or a seed set. Try to include seeds that will grow a variety of flowers that can also attract insects such as beautiful butterflies.

Jewelry and Ornaments

Engraved jewelry can be a beautiful way to remember someone. It will be extra special if it includes the monogrammed initials of the person who had passed away. A picture frame that has been personalized with photos of the person who has passed away and the person who will receive the gift, will make a great sympathy present. 

The In-Memory Feather Ornament is also a great sympathy gift for a bereaved family member or friend. This ornament features a hand-carved white feather, which is symbolic of an everlasting connection. An ornament with a message or photo from the person who has passed away is also a good way to remember someone. 

You can also consider giving them keepsake jewelry, which can include a few of the deceased person’s ashes or a necklace with a photo.

Gift Cards and Donations

Gift cards are always welcome gifts. You could give them a gift card for a spa day, which they don’t have to use immediately. This could help them with healing eventually when they feel like using it. Even a gift card that will help them pay for their groceries will be welcome, especially if the family has lost its main breadwinner. 

Another idea is to give a donation to charity in the name of the person who has passed away. 

Final Thoughts

A sympathy gift will never provide everything your loved one or friend needs, but it shows them you care about their physical and mental well-being. During the difficult period after a loss, they will welcome all the support they can get, and it will help them recover sooner if they see that other people care about what they’re going through.


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