How to Create a Chic Look in Your Small Apartment?

Small Apartment

It might be challenging to make a tiny flat seem cosy and roomy while decorating it, but it’s possible. Even a studio can appear like a million bucks with these six easy tricks. Moreover, don’t be afraid to dream enormously!

Be careful with your colour scheme

White and neutrals are often the only appropriate colours for tiny flats. While it’s true that lighter colours provide the illusion of more significant space, it doesn’t mean you can’t also use more daring colours. Whether it’s an orange accent wall or a few flaming red accent pieces, adding colour to a tiny room is a great way to add visual interest and a sense of luxury. In addition, using opposing pairings like black and white will quickly improve the style of your tiny apartment and create a distinctive flow in the design.

Have furniture that can be folded up

If your apartment is already somewhat small and you’ve decided to turn your living room into a large lounge, you may want to think about investing in some foldable furniture. Consider getting a Murphy bed for your bedroom and guest room (if you’re lucky enough to have both). In addition, a foldable table is a great option if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen or dining area for a large dining table. It is also feasible to get a folding mattress with a sleek aesthetic; you simply need to take your time exploring the best place to buy a mattress available.

Put money into good lighting

Bringing in natural light is a simple method to make your space seem more vibrant and open. However, when the sun doesn’t shine bright enough, excellent electrical appliances are required (not to mention eye-catching). Invest in new sconces and chandeliers to update the look of your home’s interior, and consider installing additional lighting above your kitchen island and bathroom vanity for better visibility.

Increase the number of mirrors to their full potential

However, mirrors have many more uses than only as decorative accents. They are a stylish and functional solution for making a tiny flat seem more spacious. In addition, mirrors may be used in various creative ways throughout the house, from reflecting the sun’s rays to expanding the range of your bedroom lamp. Choose to have a whole wall covered in mirrors for a dramatic impact; this may be done with either one (very) colossal mirror or a collection of smaller mirrors in different antique frames.

Don’t go overboard

Want to maintain a sense of style in your compact dwelling? Adhere to the adage “less is more” and simplify things whenever possible. Use all black accents for a sophisticated, put-together look, or, if you like colour, let a single, eye-catching item, such as a tall, colourful antique vase, take centre stage. After all, if you pack your shelves with unnecessary trinkets, you’ll only have more clutter. You should consider to buy a dining table if there is plenty of space vacant in the room. 

Use the ceiling to your advantage

When decorating a tiny flat, using every inch of vertical space is essential—this aids in drawing the eye upward and giving the impression of a large room. Floor-to-ceiling drapes are a great way to highlight tall walls and ceilings. Are you short on closet space? Floating shelves are a stylish solution for displaying seldom used objects on walls.


To sum up, don’t assume that because your apartment isn’t huge or fancy, you can’t make it look stylish and welcoming. Make smart use of your area, provide enough lighting, choose a suitable colour scheme, and avoid going overboard with the decorative accents.

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