How To Convert PNG To PDF?


Because PNG includes every pixel, it is a relatively large picture format. This also adds to the time it takes to upload and download PNG pictures.

As a result, merging numerous PNG pictures and converting them to a PDF file would facilitate PNG distribution on the internet. We’ve included some simple and free techniques for converting. You may utilize an online PNG to PDF converter, such as EasePDF, or you can use Mac Preview and Windows Print to PDF.

Previously, customers had to download desktop software to convert between all formats, which took a lot of time and computer space. Nowadays, there are several online converting applications that allow us to convert files using an internet connection, such as HiPDF, Smallpdf, EasePDF, PDF Candy, and others.

Today, we’ll use several of these tools to demonstrate how to convert PNG to PDF.

Option 1: Use the EasePDF Online Converter.

EasePDF provides over 30 online converting tools for converting document formats such as PDF, PNG, JPG, Word, Excel, PPT, HTML, Epub, and others. Users can use all of the tools without registering. EasePDF PNG to PDF Converter converts PNG pictures to PDF files while preserving the original resolution.

Step 1: 

Select “PNG to PDF Converter” from the “PDF Creator” drop-down menu.

Step 2: 

Upload the PNG images you want to convert. To upload, you have three options: click the “Add File(s)” button to open files from your computer, add files from your cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox, or drag the file and drop it into the upload window. 

Step 3: 

Change PNG to PDF format. When you pick your PNG images, the server will instantly upload and convert them. On the conversion page, you can see the processing bar. The processing time is determined on the server’s performance, your internet connection, and the original file size.

Because PNG is often significantly larger in size than other image formats, we recommend that you minimize the PNG size on TinyPNG.

Step 4: 

Save the produced PDF file to your computer. EasePDF will give download links for you to save PNG as PDF to your device or cloud storage after it has been completely converted. Simply click on the links to complete the task. If you did not lower the picture size before converting and discovered that the resulting PDF was too large, please utilize a PDF Compressor to resolve this issue. To safeguard the PDF, you may also alter it or set a password.

Some may wonder, “What if I need to convert PNG photographs from my iPhone or Android phone to PDF format?” In a previous post, How to Convert JPG Images to PDF for Free, we outlined two simple options for various devices. Furthermore, a PDF made from a collection of PNG pictures might be rather large at times. As a result, you should consider compressing the PDF file before using it.

Hope this article helps you learn how to convert PNG to PDF using a PNG to PDF converter.


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