How to Brush Your Teeth Properly?

Brush Your Teeth

Does anybody out there remember when they first started to wash their teeth? We conduct this activity with such automaticity that it appears to be something inherent to human beings: we move our arms up and down and then sideways a few times when washing them.

The mechanization of our motions means that we rarely take the time to pause and reflect on what we are doing.

Many people are unable to clean their teeth correctly because of this automation of oral hygiene. Only after some time has passed or when they visit the dentist do they realize that their oral hygiene practice is inadequate.

It is critical to instill the regular habit of brushing one’s teeth after every meal in children as early as possible, even when they are tiny.

As a result, when they are adolescents, a stage that is notoriously rebellious when it comes to maintaining proper dental hygiene, they will already be in the habit of brushing their teeth. Cavities will not be an issue that their parents will have to deal with.

Excellent oral hygiene in general, and brushing in particular, is the foundation of good oral health maintenance. Developing excellent habits and learning proper brushing techniques are crucial for removing plaque from the mouth adequately.

Brushing technique

Applying toothpaste

First, it is crucial to know that using a large amount of toothpaste is unnecessary to get the desired results from your Opalescence teeth whitening.

Circular motion for plaque removal

It is critical to begin brushing the teeth at one end of the mouth and move in a logical manner to the other end. Repeat the technique on both the exterior and inside of the teeth and on both the upper and lower teeth until the teeth are completely clean.

A lot of people aren’t aware of this, but it’s just as important to brush the inner side of the teeth as it is to brush the outer side of the teeth. If you don’t, the inner side of the teeth will serve as a reservoir for food debris, which will feed the bacteria in your mouth and promote the formation of caries.

You should make light, minimal circular movements over the teeth to ensure that they are well cleaned as you proceed from one end of the mouth to the other.

In this circular motion, brush both the surface of the tooth and the gum sulcus while maintaining good oral hygiene. Brushing into the gum sulcus requires the toothbrush to be turned slightly inwards toward the gum line.

Sweeping movement

Following the completion of the circular movement and continuing along the same route, a sweeping action is performed to eject all of the residues previously removed by the circular movement.

Brushing is carried out in a downwards and upwards motion on the upper teeth, and the same movement is carried out on the lower teeth during this phase.

Brushing the chewing surface

Remember to brush your molars regularly, as this will help avoid the development of pit and fissure caries in the future.

Brushing the tongue

Another aspect that should be stressed is the necessity of brushing one’s teeth. This phase of the treatment is sometimes overlooked by patients, who do not realize that the tongue is also a source of bacteria. Food waste at this level can also stimulate the production of caries or tartar on the teeth.

How long should you brush your teeth?

A good tooth brushing routine necessitates taking enough time to complete all of the procedures and reach all areas of the mouth.

The bare minimum amount of time that should be spent brushing should be 2 minutes. Those who follow the entire sequence and devote appropriate attention to each area, on the other hand, are aware that this time can be increased to three minutes.

Other factors to keep in mind

To avoid lasting damage to the teeth and gums, it is critical to emphasize that brushing should be done gently. Excessive force applied to the teeth and gums can have severe implications, including the formation of cavities.

Also, keep in mind that if a person chooses to brush their teeth only twice a day, they should do it in the morning and at night, as these are the two brushes that are the most significant.

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