How does Google know which content is best suited?


To use Google to create content, or rather, to know which content to create useful for users interested in your sector, you must first understand a simple logic of Google.

Google is the most used search engine, millions of users use Google as a reference to search for information, products, services, places, events and so on and so forth.

It is the search engine of excellence because it offers hundreds of tools to be able to carry out searches, has a very efficient e-mail service, especially against spam.

By creating an account on Google, you have access to many services, many.

How does Google know which content is best suited to the type of research we’ve done?

All the searches we carry out on Google remain in a history, whether you have a Google account or you don’t have one.

Google has the data of millions of users who search, examine and compare the searches we do, they can understand very well if the site we clicked was right for us or not.

By storing and examining millions of data, it then knows what to propose to the user he is looking for, also based on his search history.

Not many know that this data that Google stores is available to everyone. 

We can know what users are looking for, what they are looking for, we can find out what are the most sought-after information, the most sought-after products, services and everything that millions of users search for on Google every day.

How do I know what users are looking for?

Let’s find out right away.

Google Instant and Related Searches

If you have Google Instant activated (it is by default) you will have noticed that while you type a search term, it will provide you with suggestions (see example photo).

If the search you are doing links in some way to previous searches you have done, then it will be affected by your history.

A quick way to not affect the search with your history is to open a new incognito browser window.

These often under-rated tips are more than just tips, they are trending searches from the last 3 days or so. So thanks to Google Instant you can discover the trends of the last 3 days, which is what users are looking for most.

Attention: to refine the search result even more, we put an asterisk (* ) at the end of the keyword without leaving any space, for Google it means “you put the missing word” and he will insert the most requested keyword.

This way you will know which the most searched keywords of the moment are.

Wait because it’s not over here..

Related searches

We have just seen how to discover the keywords most searched for by users these days..

Now let’s see what are the most searched queries..

Do not be scared, you just have to press enter on the search and go to the bottom of the page after the results, Google will put you the Related searches , such as keywords, this are the most popular searches of the last 3 days, that is what exactly users typed . Related searches are obviously linked to the keywords we typed.

Now you know the basis for finding out what users are really looking for on Google, use this feature to create content and meet the needs of users, as well as your potential customers.

Many use Google Trends to carry out this type of search, but Google Trends is based on massive data and not updated almost in real time.

I only use Google Trends for large projects.

In the next article I will teach you how to further refine the search, in order to have even more precise data in hand.

Write in the comments if you found this Google function useful …


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