How Does a Beauty Business Benefit from salon POS system


Multiple studies have indicated that the beauty and wellness industry is growing leaps and bounds. While it is great that the industry is booming, it is important to take cognizance of the fact that rules of the game keep changing due to increased competition. Today’s guests, aside from seeking to look breathtakingly spectacular, also demand impeccable service and elevated customer experience. Thus, salon owners and managers have to ensure that each and every process exceeds guest expectations. One of the ways how salons are managing guest expectations is by deploying technology, colloquially known as salon POS (point of sale) software. By investing in specifically designed backend software, and utilizing the POS software features salons are automating a substantial portion of the administrative work and are able to provide better services. Read along to know the benefits your business can derive from a salon POS system.

  • Automated Operations

The first and foremost key feature of a POS system is that it automates your business processes from start to end. Gone are the days when you sit with a pen and paper to run the gamut of processes such as appointment booking, scheduling, preparing staffing schedule, raising invoices, tracking inventory, and conducting various other financial matters. Manual processes not only take longer time but also are prone to human error. The salon POS system features allow you to automate each and every process and ensure that they’re not only streamlined but also are executed without any errors. Further, by completely automating some tasks, the system allows you to run a lean team, save operations cost, and increase profitability.

  • Secured Data Storage in Cloud

With increasing number of transactions being conducted through digital mediums, the security of personal and financial data of guests becomes a matter of high importance.  The internet is rife with stories of data breaches and how the system gets compromised. Thus, for someone who is operating and managing a salon, the security of client data becomes a matter of concern. By deploying a salon POS software system you can ensure that the client data is completely secured. With features such as geo fencing and role based data access, becoming a standard hair salon point of sale feature, managers can ensure that there are no unauthorized access to the data. Further, as most salon POS systems work on a cloud based platform the data can be easily accessed anywhere anytime.

  • Invoicing, Payments & Accounting

Basic POS software allows you to raise professional invoices, complete with all the details and accept payments through charge cards and credit cards. Designed to be a complete track and trace system, the POS software tags each and every invoicing to an appointment and its associated payment method. As a result businesses can do easy reconciliation. Since, the POS is equipped to handle multiple payment gateways, the clients can choose the method which works for them. A completely secure payment system allows clients to have peace of mind. Advanced salon POS system features also include automated accounting procedures, where each and every sale transaction is duly accounted for and the relevant book keeping records are created as soon as the invoice is generated.

  • Run Loyalty Programs

Studies have shown that retaining a client costs much less to the businesses when compared with the cost of acquiring a new client. Therefore, every business while working on acquiring new clients must also work towards retaining the existing clients. Did you know that a POS system can help you improve your customer relations? Since, the POS comes with a centralized database, it stores complete profile of the client, including personal details, preferences and color choices.  By analyzing this data, and sharing it with the stylist prior to the arrival of the client, it empowers the stylist to be better informed about the client and also lets you understand the difference between a regular patron and an occasional guest. The POS system helps you differentiate the patrons based on their spending patterns and thus allow you to create a tiered loyalty program, whereby you can encourage the patronage by offering specialized services, discounts etc. In other words, a salon POS system allows you to make informed decision when it comes to creating distinction amongst your guests. Moreover, the POS also assists you in sending personalized greetings for birthdays and anniversaries, and also nudge them towards repeat visits. All of it in just a few clicks.

  • Improve your marketing

Your salon POS is your go to reference manual to enable you and your employees to upsell products to clients. As the POS software records each and every transaction, and creates a database of customer’s purchase history, you can run a data analytics to gather insights on customer’s preferences. This empowers you and your team to recommends product that fit with the preference. Many POS software allow you to send automated fortnightly or monthly (non-sales) newsletters to clients such that you can keep them abreast with the latest trends in the beauty industry.

Whether you’re a small business or a chain of salon that is looking to modernize its operations investing in a robust POS is highly recommended. Aside from the above, a POS can assist you in budgeting your start- up costs, and analyzing the performance of your business. Zenoti’s POS for salon and spa has a state of art user interface and comes with an easy learning curve, which will allow you to deliver a modern experience to your clients.



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