How Do You Make A Smart Kitchen?


Our kitchens are getting “smarter” by the minute, thanks to fast advancements in-home technology.

Would you like to preheat your oven on your way home from the store? Why not make a cup of coffee in bed? When you want your washing machine to start, tell it. You can, after all. The concept of using your voice to manage your appliances and devices was unheard of until recently. Smart speakers are only the start of what’s to come. You can link your smart kitchen equipment by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or NFC, from your refrigerator to your washing machine.

We understand that it’s all a little overwhelming, so we’re here to assist. Continue reading for the most helpful hints and suggestions.

Speak out for yourself

Voice-activated speakers are useful in any room of the house, but they’re especially useful in the kitchen. You may use a voice command to set a timer, convert units, or inquire about cooking times for different dishes if you have an Amazon Echo or a Google Smart Speaker. So, whether you’re making a soufflé or a Sunday roast for the family, make sure everything comes out precisely every time. You may also ask your voice assistant to play music, which is useful for entertaining guests or having a sing-along while cleaning the dishes.

Both of your hands are usually occupied doing something in the kitchen, whether it’s chopping, wiping, or combining. You won’t have to stop and dry your hands to turn on a light, click a button, or flip the page in a recipe book if you use a smart speaker. The second set of hands you’ve always wanted is a voice-controlled helper.

Connect with others

Connect your smart appliances to your smartphone or smart speaker via an app to get the most out of them.

The kg function on the Hoover washing machine utilises a sensor to weigh the load and adjusts the wash duration and water consumption based on the weight. You may use your smartphone to control and monitor the appliance remotely. Choose a wash cycle, add rinses, and tweak the spin speed and temperature. You may even postpone the start of the wash cycle, so your moist clothing doesn’t sit in your machine for hours!

With our appliances, you can rekindle your passion for cooking. Place a pan on the stove and touch the interface to warm it up automatically, or stop your cooking with a single button. We’ve also used the smart connection to couple our cooking hoods and hobs for auto-adjustment.

Increase the temperature

The Hive Active Heating series is one of our favorites. Hive allows you to select up to six heating and hot water schedules each day, as well as a six-hour boost feature, giving you total remote control. Simply inform Hive when you’re leaving on vacation and your heating system will “sleep” until you return. Don’t worry about frozen pipes; the frost protection will kick in immediately if the temperature drops below 70°F. You may save up to a hundred pounds a year by adopting smart heating systems like Hive or Nest.

Obtain a contemporary appearance

As more people adopt smart technology, it’s only natural for the kitchen to reflect these advancements. Smooth lines, reflecting surfaces, and clutter-free surfaces are all hallmarks of contemporary kitchens.

Our Stevia kitchen is a favorite option among our clients since it is ultra-stylish. Matt pewter grey, gloss anthracite, gloss cream, and gloss white are all options.

Our Alisma kitchen range’s doors are lacquered to give them a rich color depth. Creating a highly reflecting glass-like appearance that’s ideal for compact areas. Gloss grey and gloss white are both options. For more modern kitchen ideas, see our post Contemporary kitchen design ideas.

If you live in Brisbane, you should speak to a professional kitchen makeover on a design-build firm about your options to factor in the age, shape, and layout of your current kitchen.


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