How do I keep my air conditioner from freezing up:


Sitting inside your house and relaxing under an air conditioner is a blessing. Air conditioners provide you with cool air during the hot days in summer. When the conditioners are running fine you do not feel any discomfort but when the air conditioner suddenly stops one day you start to panic. The best way to avoid this kind of situation is to do routine maintenance. 

If you ever noticed ice inside the air conditioner you should get alarmed. Many people do not know what to do when this kind of situation occurs. Most of the time you will not see ice inside the air conditioner. Put your hand on the supply register. If it has ice, it will block the airflow. First of all, you should unplug the wire from the source and wait for a few hours. After that, turn on the fan of the air conditioner to check if it is working fine. 

Reasons that cause the air conditioner to freeze: 

Anything that causes your air conditioner to stop providing cool air is responsible for the air conditioner to freeze. A few of the causes are mentioned below. 

  • Blower motor not working: If your air conditioner blower motor is not working properly the air will not flow through the coils. Once the airflow is blocked, the coil will get ice on them and they will start to freeze. If this situation is not handled on time, it will get worse in the future. This problem can be identified easily if the blower fan makes rattling sounds, then it means there is some issue.
  • Air filters: Never neglect the air filters in your air conditioner. Regularly check the filters and replace them if needed. If the filters are covered with dust balls or any other element, they will block the airflow causing the air conditioner to freeze. Filters are located behind the grills, take off the grill and replace the air filters. 
  • Low fan voltage: Air conditioners require a certain amount of electrical voltage. If the desired voltage is not provided to AC, it will cause the AC to freeze up. Or if the blower motor or fan does not get efficient electricity AC might get frozen. 
  • Blocked coils: As I have mentioned air filters are there to prevent dust. If the air filters are blocked with dirt, a low-quality one or an air conditioner without an air filter can cause the dust to build upon the refrigerant coils. The dust will block the coils and cause the air conditioner to freeze. 

Ways to prevent the air conditioner from freezing: 

  • Check refrigerant levels: One of the most common causes of the air conditioner freeze is low refrigerant level. When the refrigerant level is set to low it will cause the coil temperature to drop below the freezing point. Call the technician to handle this problem they will tackle with refrigerant or refrigerant levels. 
  • Replace Air filters: There are two types of air filters I.e., disposable air filters, and replaceable air filters. Disposable air filters are the ones that can be reused. If you ever noticed dirty air filters replace them immediately or it will block the airflow. Once the airflow is blocked it will cause the air conditioner to freeze. Take out the air filters from the air conditioner and soak them in a tub filled with water. Make sure that each edge is completely soaked in water. After a few hours take the filter out of the water and clean it with a napkin or cloth. You should replace the air filters after three months for the air conditioner to work properly. 
  • Check the blower fan: As I have mentioned above if the blower fan is not working it will block the airflow. If the blower fan fails to generate airflow it will cause the air conditioner to freeze. If you can repair the conditioner fan then do it. Or you can call the HVAC expert to check the fault in the air conditioner. 
  • Condensate drain line: The main purpose of an air conditioner is to suck the hot air from the inside room and provide cool air to the people sitting in the room. If the moisture is trapped inside the condensate drain it will cause the water to overflow and cause the air conditioner to freeze. To open the condensate drain line you can use a vacuum to remove trapped dirt. 



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