Headphone Types: 6 Most Common Headphone Styles


Headphones are an essential tool for every producer. From recording to mixing and mastering, you will need a stable pair that will help you make important choices—even in case you already have studio video display units. But not all varieties of headphones are up to the demanding obligations in music production. In truth, the characteristic and build of the headphones you operate make a massive distinction.

In this text I’ll go through the most common headphone kinds and provide an explanation for the whole thing you need to understand about them.

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Earphones are one of the typically used headphone types. They work through using very small audio structures that sit inside the hole space of your outer ear.

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They’re compact, portable, and low cost—making them perfect for casual listening at the cross.

Firstly, listening on earphones is lots more tiring than other varieties of headphones. This is due to the fact the small drivers are placed too close to your ears.

The proximity and length of the earbud’s speakers rely on the shape of your ear to help reproduce low frequencies.

The end result is a passive sound that is not specific enough to decide on the frequency balance of the combination.

In-ear headphones

In-ear headphones or in-ear video display units are like earphones, even though in contrast to resting in the outer ear, they go without delay into your ear canal.

The IEMs provide excellent isolation from the sounds inside the surroundings whilst acting like earplugs when fully inserted.

IEMs offer excellent isolation from the sounds in the environment as they act like earplugs when fully inserted.

This is one motive why this headphone kind is used for musicians to carry interest to themselves on stage in order that they can be on level at some stage in the overall performance.

True sound can be pleasing for a live in IEMs, however they be afflicted by the equal problems as earphones with recognize to vital listening.

Stay away from IEMs if you’re blending and producing songs – particularly in case you plan on operating for an extended time period at a time.

Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless technology has made sporting headphones simpler than ever, with out bulky cords to limit movement or twist.

The most is the standard Wi-Fi technology for Bluetooth headphones. It operates on quick range radio frequencies and does not require an present WiFi community to attach.

Bluetooth headphones can be to be had in numerous specific sized factors. You’ll discover Bluetooth built into many earphones and over-the-ear designs from consumer audio brands.

Unfortunately, Bluetooth headphones are not encouraged for music manufacturing – for a few functions.

Bluetooth headphones are not advocated for tune creation – for a few functions.

To send your signal over the air, Bluetooth wants to translate it into a further transportable audio record layout.

In this manner data get compressed and a few facts are misplaced. This is amazing for maximum informal listening, even though it is now not best for blending or gaining know-how.

In addition to compression, the encoding technique at each stop of the transmission takes time to complete.

This can result in disturbing delays among the movements to your DAW and the sound you pay attention in your headphones.

If that weren’t sufficient, Bluetooth almost can’t clearly be portray together with your audio interface, making you lose all the blessings of your private home studio hub—just don’t worry!

On-Ear Headphones

This headphone kind is extra portable than right-sized designs and supplies better sound than in-ear headphones.

The audio device is large enough to provide notable picture of the low frequencies, however the compact duration is simple to take on the go.

Not many on-ear headphones are designed with song manufacturing in thoughts, so this headphone type falls into the client audio category.

It may even appear to be an pointless distinction, however even excellent headphones designed for casual listening might not paintings properly for mixing and song advent.

Many purchaser headphones subtly expand the sound of the supply fabric, because it have to be reproduced. This might make your track sound better while you pay attention, however that’s no longer the purpose on the subject of blending with headphones.

Manufacturing duties require you to have accuracy and transparency—mainly while these are well-known problems to your mix.

In addition, some on-ear headphone designs put stress on your ears to hold them in vicinity. If consolation is an detail, make sure you chance trying the on-ear version before you purchase.

Finally, on this headphone style the audio gadget is also located closer than in over-the-ear headphones, so you may additionally enjoy more harsh, premature sound with highs that end up tiresome over time.

Over-The-Ear Headphones

Over that -Ear headphones—now and again referred to as round headphones—are the maximum broadly used headphone type for tune manufacturing.

As the name implies, the cups of those headphones are designed to fit around your ear. This presents satisfactory isolation and positioning for the audio device. -Back headphone.

I’ll break down unique genres here, even though if you’re searching out a roundup of correct options, take a look at out our guide for the 25 Best Headphones for Music Production.

Closed-Lower Back Headphones

Closed-lower again headphones deliver studio satisfactory sound with advanced isolation from ambient noise inside the room.

As such they’re critical for tune-making operations in which there are problems because of leakage of sound.

The most of these isn’t uncommon in the course of vocal recordings. Since the singer is so near the microphone, blood from the display mix of their headphones can creep into the recorded track.

If it’s too loud, it can make your vocals unusable. Be certain to enforce closed-again headphones for vocal recording and different tracking duties.

On the other hand, the sealed space wherein the audio system carry out makes it difficult to create a impartial frequency response with those varieties of headphones.

You’ll want a couple of closed-lower back headphones in your private home studio arsenal, however for added extreme tracking duties you may need to expose off the latter headphone type.

Open-Decrease Again Type Headphones

Open-back headphones are music makers’ first priority with regards to blending and gaining knowledge of.

They offer the clearest, maximally accurate illustration of your blend with the least tedious listening enjoy.

Hot Tip: Open headphones are usually taken into consideration higher for studio listening, however the state-of-the-art High-Stop Closed Lower Back Headphones may be just as ideal. The sound revel in of the 2 sorts varies substantially, so make certain to try each one before making your choice.

The open-decrease lower back headphones are constructed without compromising as regards to sound wonderful. This is certainly an remarkable element, even though it does come with tradeoffs.

These headphones not create a sealed surroundings between the drivers and your ears. In that approach there may be not anything to stop the sound of the room shifting from the headphone speaker as you pay attention to it.

This way that open headphones can not be used wherein headphone bleeding is a problem. While now not the handiest, you may need a fairly quiet environment to get high-quality sound.

Headphone Sound

Not all types of headphones are painting in terms of song production.

If you’re seeking out a contemporary pair, you need to make certain you buy the proper type.

Luckily, there are greater correct cushty studio headphones to be had than ever before.


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