Franchise Opportunities Retired Athletes Should Consider Buying Into


When an athlete reaches the end of their careers and decides it’s time to retire from their job, they often think a lot about what their next phase in life is going to be. A lot of athletes go in the direction of what their careers were previously, like coaching in sports and broadcasting, and some athletes go into the business field. Franchising is a popular route that retired athletes decide to pursue. Franchise ownership can be a natural fit for professional athletes for different reasons. Even though almost all of them don’t have experience in the franchise fields, they do have a lot of valuable traits that will help them benefit from transitioning into franchise ownership. Throughout their careers, they have a good amount in their bank accounts, which helps them have a big opportunity to buy into franchises.

Health And Fitness Franchise

Health and Fitness is a great franchise for retired athletes to buy into because people are taking their health more seriously as people’s health is becoming increasingly at risk. As people take health and fitness more seriously these days, the more money they are willing to spend at the gym to increase their health. The Entrepreneur magazine Franchise 500 did a spread in 2017, and the results were that 26 of the franchises were Fitness based businesses.

Fitness Gyms Franchise

There are an extreme number of gym franchises. Some of the most popular and successful athletes to buy into are Anytime Fitness, Planet Fitness, and more. Anytime Fitness has over 4,000 locations on all seven continents, so no matter where you travel, as long as you are a member of the gym, you will always be able to have access. This gym is never closed, being open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Planet Fitness has over 14 million members and has roughly 1,800 open locations across the 50 states, along with Canada, Latin America, and Australia.

Ninja Nation

Ninja Nation was inspired by the T.V. show “American Ninja Warrior” and has become a great program that delivers adrenaline-inducing challenges to all ages and offers its customers an exciting opportunity to advance their professional athletic future. The Ninja Warrior gym franchise makes getting in shape and building strength fun and enjoyable, so you’ll want to keep coming back. There are obstacle courses and training classes, and there is a mobile obstacle course as part of the franchise Arena. The mobile obstacle brings the highest quality course to any school, event, or festival. Some of the clients include ESPN X Games, the Denver Museum Of Nature And Science, and much more.

Papa John

Papa John’s is a great franchise to buy into. Known for their delicious high quality, hand-tossed, and topping pizza and a great menu with plenty of options to satisfy your tastebuds. They have become the world’s third-largest pizza franchise with over 3,600 restaurants worldwide in all 50 states with approximately 40 international markets.


We all know that Mcdonald’s is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants where you can stop by and grab a quick burger for you and your family. Some of the restaurants have an indoor playground that kids literally beg their parents to go play at, which keeps McDonald’s popular in its own way. McDonald’s continues to grow each day and has been recognized to be the top franchising company around the world. It’s a smart franchise to buy into because Mcdonald’s will always continue to be one of the world’s favorite spots.

Primrose Schools

Early childhood learning education is extremely important, especially for children to have the opportunity to have proper learning within their early years of education. Primrose Schools gives that opportunity. This franchise is successful because they offer education all year round, and their facilities are licensed for educational child care.

Merry Maids

House cleaning can be overwhelming for people, and that’s where the house cleaning businesses are kicking off and are successful. Merry Maids is one of the largest house cleaning companies in the United States and stays competitive to be at the top with other house cleaning companies on the rise.


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