Frameless vs. Framed cabinets

frameless cabinets

Your cabinets play a big role in how your kitchen looks and how it looks. Framed cabinets have an extra structure that holds the cabinet in place, while frameless cabinets don’t.

Cabinetry is very important to the overall look and feel of your kitchen. There are two types of cabinets in the kitchen: cabinets that are framed and those that aren’t framed. Framed cabinets have extra layers to support the box, but frames without cabinets don’t. To figure out which kind of cabinet is best for your kitchen, keep reading to learn more about the differences between frameless and framed cabinets.

Difference between framed and frameless cabinets:

Framed and  frameless kitchen cabinets are used in different types of kitchen cabinetry. This means that it doesn’t matter whether you want a traditional style or one more modern one. Instead, you can choose the style of cabinet that will help you make your ideas come to life. Primers do more than keep paint chips from forming. They also help protect the cabinets from water damage, which could cause mold to grow inside the cabinets.

Here’s a quick look at the main differences between frame cabinets and frames-free cabinets.

What are frames cabinets?

Cabinets with frames, sometimes called traditional-style cabinets or American-style cabinets, have an extra frame or framework attached to the box. Hinges on the frame of the box hold the door to the box. However, framed cabinets are smaller because the frame is 3/4 ” thick by 1-1/2 ” wide, which takes up more space. If you choose to use this type of cabinet, frames connect the hinges to the cabinet’s front and shelves. T


  • Framed cabinetry is typically less costly than frameless kitchen cabinets.
  • They offer a variety of materials for cabinets.
  • Because there is a myriad of style options to choose from, you can be certain that you will choose the style that is compatible with the general design in your home.
  • These are much easier to set up.


  • They are smaller in storage because of style and frame.
  • They can be hard to alter after installation.
  • When using frames, the frame can be seen behind the doors even after a complete overlay.
  • To get rid of seams on the sides of the cabinets, frames must be crafted specifically and can be costly.

What are frameless cabinets?

A frameless cabinet is also called a cabinet with full-access modern cabinetry or a cabinet that doesn’t have a frame. They have better access to storage and more space because they don’t have a frame. But the cabinets aren’t as stable as framed cabinets.

As an option, you can choose frameless cabinetry. You’ll find flat drawer fronts that give a sleek and elegant look that goes well with many kitchen styles. 


  • Frameless cabinets can provide anywhere from 10 percent to 15% more functional space.
  • The gaps between doors and drawers inside your kitchen have been coordinated, giving your kitchen a fashionable appearance.
  • “flush-finished” or “flush finished” sides provide the cabinets with a look that resembles furniture.
  • These are simpler to use and more easily accessible.


  • The frameless cabinets are available in fewer styles.
  • Also, they have fewer options in terms of materials.
  • Cabinets that are not frameless could warp if placed on uneven walls.
  • Tend to be costlier.
  • Because they don’t come with image frame frames, frameless cabinets rely on the cabinet’s structure to provide stabilization and support.

Frameless vs. Framed cabinets: which one is most suitable for the person you are?

Most of the time, the decision is based on the kitchen’s needs. They are good for kitchens with a lot of space for cabinets but don’t need any more space. They’re also a good choice for people who like classic design, have many options for door styles, and want hidden hinges for glass cabinets.

People who have a small kitchen will also like frameless cabinets more than those with a lot of space. They have the most room for drawers and cabinets, and they look good, too. They also don’t have middle stiles that could get in the way. Each square inch is important, so frames are the best choice.


Many people are choosing frameless cabinets now because they look better than cabinets that have a frame inside. Framed ones have been the norm for a long time when it comes to cabinets, but frameless kitchen cabinets are becoming more popular. A frameless cabinet is a good choice if you want to give your home or office a sleek and modern look. They are also a good choice if you are looking for a more budget-friendly choice. Of course, it’s great to have frameless cabinets instead of framed cabinets.

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