Find and Use VPN for Free Without Spending a Fortune

Use VPN for Free

There are many reasons why you would want to use a virtual private network (VPN) to protect your online identity and access restricted areas online. If you’re reading this then you are probably one of the many people that use a VPN to access geo-restricted websites or streaming services such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer.

Find and Use a VPN

First, you’ll need to decide if you want a static or dynamic VPN. A static VPN is already configured, and you’ll never need to connect to it again; it will always be there when you want it. A dynamic VPN, on the other hand, is connected to a server and can be updated at any time so that it points you to the most current version of the website you’re able to access. 

If you decide you want to use a VPN for Windows, then the process for choosing a VPN service is pretty much the same as for a dynamic one – you’ll input which websites you want to visit, how much data you want to download, and from whom, and then you’ll select which server you want to connect to. You can always connect to your VPN server using the select menu option at the top of the page.

Why Use a VPN?

As we’ve covered, a VPN service, even a free VPN service, creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the website you want to access. While this may sound like an efficient way to get around website restrictions, it’s actually done so to prevent your internet service provider (ISP) or whoever the Censor Is from Hiding What You is up To You, From Seeing What You Downloaded, And What You Watched. Most VPNs let you select which websites you want to access without logging into them. This means you can easily avoid sites that you know you shouldn’t be on.

Pro Tips for Finding and Using a VPN

There are a few things that you’ll need to consider when trying to find a good VPN service. These are listed below and are things that every VPN user should keep in mind.

Beware of Your Connections

Before you connect to a server, examine the VPN settings on your computer to be aware of which connections you want to make. Some VPN services let you choose which connections you want to make—this is called “presets”.

 Be wary of Service Fees

If you’re planning on using a VPN service for a long period of time, you might consider looking into their fees. A short-term VPN service might cost you $10 per month, but a long-term subscription could cost you $60 or more per year!

Be Smart about Which Protections You Choose

It’s important to understand what protections you want when choosing a VPN. There are many VPN services that offer “virtual online banking”, which means that you can safely view your account balance and make payments online without login. However, be careful about how long you retain your virtual private network (VPN) login; due to the security risks associated with a long period of non-use, we strongly recommend only using a VPN for short periods of time.


There are many different VPN providers on the market, and the best provider may be iTop VPN. This guide has provided a clear overview of how to find and use a VPN for free, with detailed information about how each service works.


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