Find AA Meetings In Alaska Near You To Continue On Your Path To Recovery From Addiction

AA Meetings In Alaska

Why is it so hard to kick-off alcohol addiction? A probable cause is that the reasons why you got into addiction in the first place remain unresolved.

So, the minute you are out there again, you face the same triggers and you become vulnerable once more. The only way to prevent this from happening is to make it a point to attend AA meetings.

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Why is becoming an AA member the best decision for a recovering addict?

AA has been working over the years as a worldwide organization committed to helping people struggling with alcohol addiction. This organization is open to anyone who wants to quit drinking. It has no connections with any religious organization and operates independently.

So, when you are serious about giving up alcohol, you should reach out to the AA for support and guidance. The most comforting part is that all members of the AA are anonymous. You won’t have to worry about being identified and shamed for your weaknesses.

What were to happen if you started attending AA meetings in Alaska?

Alcoholics Anonymous upholds a set of guidelines that are referred to as the 12 traditions of AA. The idea is to help a recovering addict stay sober and not fall back into addiction once he is out of rehab.

To this effect, AA meetings in Alaska will make you abide by certain recovery steps so that you can abstain from alcohol effectively. Following these steps is important as they ensure your recovery is permanent.

Know which type of AA meeting is right for you

AA meetings can be for anyone seeking help and held at public places like school buildings and churches. Meetings can be of different types. You should start attending different types to see what works for you. Look for “AA meetings near me” to find locations near your home.

A speaker meeting is one in which the speaker speaks first and allows members to share their experiences later on. This type focuses more on listening and sharing rather than interactions.

A discussion meeting, on the other hand, is one where one member talks of his struggles with alcohol abuse. This is then followed by a discussion on how to recover from addiction. Naturally, this meeting type is more interactive.

When you want to attend a meeting for AA members, remember it can be “open” or “closed”. Open meetings allow you to bring in any family member or friend if you are not yet ready to attend them by yourself. This type of meeting shows you how the AA works, what it is all about.

Closed meetings are reserved for AA members exclusively. So, 12-step studies and discussion meetings are typically closed. These will give you more privacy and safety which you need more than ever after rehab. provides you best informative blogs.

It is during AA meetings that you will find a sponsor. He is someone who has followed the 12 steps for a while and can support you if you need it. This means you can contact your sponsor any time you want individual support and counseling. He will be just a phone call away from you. So, if you ever have concerns about relapse or find yourself craving for a drink, call him without delay.


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