Everything You Need to Know About Property Investment

Property investment

When it comes to real estate investment, finding the right property is important, and it’s not always a straightforward process.  

Regardless of if you’re taking your first steps in investment, or building an investment portfolio, an experienced property advisor can save you time and reduce the hassle to help you find the right property to match your investment needs.

What Is a Property Advisor?

Property investment advisors are people who help clients build robust investment portfolios by leaning into their knowledge of the industry.  That being said, as this is a newer, unregulated sector, you have to make sure to find a company and advisor who has all the right skills. 

Wakelin is one of the better choices, as they offer client-focused in  Melbourne property investing and they aim for client satisfaction, which is always a bonus. 

Who Should Use a Property Advisor?

It’s a myth to assume that property advisors only work with wealthier investors. In reality, a good property investor will work with people from all backgrounds, and this includes if your budget is enough for an apartment or an investment home. 

A property advisor will make sure to take your circumstances and goals in mind before they start doing things on your behalf. Some common goals can be to build an investment portfolio before retirement, boost your super and retire sooner or maybe pay off debts sooner. 

Regardless of your lifestyle and investment goals, a good real estate advisor will carefully consider your unique situation and offer customised recommendations.

How Do Property Advisors Help?

It’s a common feeling: real estate seems too complicated, or you’re busy and just don’t have the time. It’s no reason to worry, a real estate advisor can simplify the process and ease anxiety. 

Unlike many other parties who have vested interests and only advertise certain properties, a real estate advisor is empowered to recommend options that best meet your financial goals. They also ensure that you have realistic expectations of potential returns and risks before committing. 

A great property adviser also has good relationships with other professional services needed in real estate transactions, including accountants, financial planners, mortgage brokers, property managers, surveyors and lawyers, so you don’t have to do it all yourself.

What’s The Difference Between a Property Advisor and Buyer Agent? 

It is important to distinguish between real estate agents and other brokers who help you buy a home, as everyone has a role to play and choosing the right people to help you is vital. 

A buyer’s agent can help you find a property, but they usually focus on a specific area or region. They work with first-time home buyers, people looking for a home and investors. 

Property Advisors are a little different in that they only specialize in investments, so they not only find you the best deal but also advise you on the likely future prospects of a property or location and how to maximize returns. 

Financial advisors can provide helpful advice on other investment options but are not licensed or experienced to discuss real estate. 

How To Find the Right Property Advisor?

As stated earlier, Wakelin is Melbourne’s best choice for property advisors, but if you’re shopping around elsewhere, knowing what to look out for is important

A real estate advisor should provide you with a tailored solution that takes into account your individual circumstances. There is no one-size-fits-all property. There are so many differences between each investor in terms of borrowing capacity, risk appetite, cash flow requirements and the like. 

 A good real estate advisor starts by finding out as much as possible about your individual circumstances. Then they should work on your behalf to help you find a property that fits your personal goals and long-term money goals.

Should I Try It Myself?

You don’t have to work with a real estate advisor, but buying and managing an investment property without help takes a lot of time and research. Because buying real estate is such a big financial commitment, talking to the experts can help you get the most out of your investment and avoid costly mistakes. It will also give you heaps of peace of mind, and result in better chances of success overall. 


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