Everything You Need to Know About Ottoman Beds

High Headboard Beds
High Headboard Beds

What is an Ottoman bed?

The term ottoman originated in the ottoman empire in the 13th century, when the storage feature became tremendously popular and famous, spreading throughout the Mediterranean.

Nowadays, it is a bed with a mattress that lifts to expose the under-bed storage beneath. Other than that, many ottoman beds come with a gas-lift mechanism allowing easier access no matter how heavy the mattress is.

If you want a bed that provides storage and style for your master bedroom, an ottoman storage bed is a perfect option. Because of their unique style and elegance, they are becoming popular among many homeowners.

Do ottoman beds come with headboards?

Ottoman beds are available in a superb selection of designs and are more than just a place to sleep. An Ottoman bed’s best feature and benefits may be having chic High Headboard Beds that can become your room’s prime focus. Though lots of Indulgence Ottoman beds come with a fitted headboard, if you like to choose a different one, it is possible to replace it with a different one of your desired choice.

Various Size options

Ottoman beds come in the standard bed sizes, which include:

  • Single or twin size
  • Double bed
  • King size bed and,
  • Super king size

Types of opening

An ottoman bed has a marvellous feature of opening in three different ways – a side lift, end lift and half lift. The most common are side and end lifts, which offer maximum storage capacity. They all function and operate as follows:

  • Side Lift: the bed opens along the side of the bed, which is suitable for rooms with limited space available, and the bed cannot be accessed from one side. They feature different sections, mainly two, with one in each section of a divan base.
  • End Lift: these ottoman beds lift from the foot-end of the bed. The bed is easily accessible from both sides of the storage and comes in single and multi-section options.
  • Half lift: these beds are ideal for small rooms with slanted ceilings or where you want both under-bed storage and drawer options. They have the ability to maximise storage in awkwardly-shaped rooms.

    High Headboard Beds
    High Headboard Beds

How much can an ottoman bed hold

Whether you live in a house, apartment or flat, storage is always lacking and has proved to be a huge issue. An ottoman bed has ample space underneath your bed, which helps you to keep your bedroom tidy.

You can put belongings such as clothes, boots, valuables, extra beddings, winter clothing, suitcases and duvets. These beds can range from 600 cubic litres to an enormous 1,100 cubic litre capacity; hence, you can choose accordingly.

Upholstered Ottoman Beds

If you want to add a little more luxury and style to your bedroom, an upholstered ottoman bed is ideal. These are stitched and buttoned with deep-filled padding on the headboard and footboard, providing a comfortable and soft design.

Why do you need a headboard for your Ottoman Bed?

In reality, you do not need a headboard with your ottoman. However, some people choose to have them to enhance the overall look of the bedroom and make a statement piece of furniture. In addition, it is beneficial in terms of both aesthetics and practicality.

Conversely, if you don’t have one added to your bed, your pillows might slip down the back, and instead of resting your head on the headboard, your pillows will rest against the wall. Therefore, buying an ottoman will solve both of these problems at once.

Are these beds easy to assemble?

Ottoman beds are extremely easy to assemble, so there is no need to worry if you are planning to buy a new bed.  All you have to do is follow the given instructions properly.

Are Ottoman beds easy to use and reliable?

It is easy to use as a bed with drawers. The only difference is how you open it. For example, on an end lift ottoman bed, the handle is situated at the end of the bed, as compared with a side lift ottoman bed will be built on the side of your choice.

The bed hydraulics helps make it easy to lift the bed without trying too hard, and to close it; you have to push the mattress down simply until it clicks back into place.

Regarding the durability of the Indulgence Ottoman Bed, there is no need to be concerned as they are as highly sturdy and durable as any other bed.


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