ESuper By Elluminati: Know its Features, Advantages, and Cost

ESuper By Elluminati

Nowadays, entrepreneurs need to come up with the latest solutions trending amongst users as they prefer using them to fulfill their requirements. So, ESuper by Elluminati came to the relief of business owners as they can meet the needs of customers efficiently by offering a range of services.

By using a platform, entrepreneurs are allowed to launch and run their multi-service businesses online. The startup owners can receive an Elluminati’s Gojek similar solution with the latest tech stack utilized and multiple sectors of the market integrated under one roof along with customizable attributes at an affordable development rate.

Whenever it is concerned with receiving an idle solution for performing an online multi-service venture, then it is preferable to choose Elluminati’s ESuper as it fulfills almost all the requirements of an enterprise without entrepreneurs facing any issues. 

Furthermore, you can get the details about its features, advantages, and costs by going through this post. So let’s know them one by one in detail.

Certain Features of ESuper:

By utilizing ESuper, the daily hassles of admins get streamlined to a considerable level as they receive certain features for managing their businesses, and they are mentioned below:

Approve/Disapprove Partners

To maintain the authenticity of a venture, the entrepreneurs are allowed to approve/disapprove the partners for delivering particular services by checking their submitted documents to verify their identity.

Generate Earning Reports of Employees and Enterprise

If startup owners are willing to analyze the earnings of workers and venture, then they can do so by generating income reports of their staff and business on a monthly or yearly basis using an Elluminati’s Gojek like solution.

Add Cities/Countries

Using a Gojek like solution; the entrepreneurs are provided with an option to select the countries/cities they want to expand their business at a particular location. It also helps them to manage their ventures efficiently after initiating them at different locations across the globe. 

Manage Vehicles 

Using Elluminati’s ESuper – Gojek Clone, the business owners can perform several functions regarding the vehicles of an enterprise, such as adding/removing them, checking the free ones for assigning them to partners, and many other functions are offered to entrepreneurs.

Can Add their Own Services and Partners

Now, every startup owner possesses different thoughts for starting a multi-service business. Using ESuper, the entrepreneurs are free to set any category of services of their enterprise they are willing to offer to their customers.

In addition, they can also add partners for delivering particular services through a platform in mainly two ways that is by approving the providers of merchants and by verifying the users willing to work as partners.

Now, how startup owners receive specific advantages by getting these aforementioned attributes in their businesses are stated in the next section.

Certain Perks of Elluminati’s ESuper for Business

By enabling a business with ESuper, the admins gain certain benefits in their enterprise, which are mentioned below:

Easier Management

As a business admin, the management of your enterprise can get extremely streamlined, as all the tedious tasks can be performed quickly within a few minutes by a few clicks. It is because of getting access to all the verticals of a venture using a Gojek like platform.


As Elluminati’s ESuper is being geared with advanced technology, the startup owners receive a robust solution. It means that any amount of users entering and using a platform can be handled easily without entrepreneurs being disturbed for performing certain tasks. Also, they can modify the specifications as per their enterprise requirements, which also gets accounted in the scalability of a venture. 

Business Reachability

By using the above-mentioned feature ‘Add Locations’ of ESuper – Gojek clone, the entrepreneurs can increase their business reachability in multiple regions. Also, by attracting users from different locations, you can probably receive higher business conversions.

There are many other advantages that the ventures receive, apart from the ones mentioned above. Now, at what cost can you get an ESuper is mentioned next.

Costs of Developing ESuper:

You can get a multi-service ESuper – Gojek clone by Elluminati in four different packages stated below as a firm kept in mind to provide a solution to all classes of startups. 

Rental Package

This plan is for initially staged startups who are unable to own the entire solutions for their ventures. Elluminati offers an ESuper solution to business owners on rent. They can use a platform for their enterprises. A plan would include installation and a post launch support for business owners.

DIY Package

By opting for this plan, the startup owners can own this package for lifetime as they receive paid installation, source code, and license. The things which are excluded are the support and payment plans as the name of the package itself is ‘DIY’.

Advance Package

By choosing this package, the entrepreneurs receive free installation, free 6 months support, permanent license and numerous options for making payments. The only thing not provided to clients in this plan by Elluminati is the source code.

Enterprise Package

You can say that this is a non-compromise package by Elluminati for delivering ESuper. It covers every benefit which a firm can offer to you that includes free of cost installation, half yearly support, source code of a platform, license for a lifetime, and multiple methods for payments.

If you are influenced and have made a final decision to go for initiating a multi-service venture online and are finding an appropriate platform, then Elluminati’s ESuper is probably a suitable choice for your enterprise available with four different packages that gives certain benefits to business and fulfills requirements of customers. For know more about ESuper you can visit:

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