Why & Which Juniper Enterprise Firewall to Buy in 2022?


Firewalls are network security devices that monitor outgoing and incoming network traffic and block or allow data packets based on a set of security instructions. The main purpose of Next-Generation Firewalls is to create a barrier between oncoming traffic and your internal network to block hackers and viruses.

Based on pre-established rules, Juniper Firewall wisely analyzes incoming traffic and filters traffic coming from suspicious or unsecured sources to avoid attacks. Firewalls keep an eye on traffic at a system’s entry point, known as ports, where info is swapped with external devices.

Types of Firewalls

  • SMLI (Stateful Multilayer Inspection) Firewalls:It filters packets at the network, application layers, and transport, comparing them with known trusted packets.
  • NAT (Network Address Translation) Firewalls: It allows several gadgets with independent network addresses to join the net with the help of a single IP address. At the same time, it keeps an individual’s IP address hidden.
  • NGFW (Next-Generation Firewalls): It combines traditional firewall tech with extra functionality, like intrusion prevention systems, encrypted traffic inspection, anti-virus, and more.

Firewalls from Juniper

Juniper Networks provide a huge variety of firewall products that offer

  • Large service and data Centre providers: Public sector organizations, large enterprise, market-leading performance, availability, and reliability.
  • Mid-size business and data Centre: Next generation, high performance, compact firewalls with data and infrastructure.
  • Small business and branch office: Whether trying to achieve operational efficiency, connecting to the cloud, rolling out new applications and services across locations.


  • Virtual Security Selection: High-performance network security in an effective form factor, Juniper SRX 550 assists network operators in highly dynamic surroundings.
  • Carrier-Grade Reliability: Provides continuous uptime through in-service software and hardware upgrades, carrier-class hardware for resiliency, and redundant components. The top-end Juniper SRX 300 Series delivers reliability for nonstop application availability and business continuity.
  • Comprehensive Threat Protection: Provides advanced next-gen defense against unknown and known threats. All SRX Series are designed for availability, scalability, and resiliency to secure data centers or the business edge against possible threats.
  • Superior security value: Juniper SRX 320 offers outstanding value for high-speed, highly effective security services with multiple services permitted. The system’s modular and flexible approach keeps your investment safe by scaling for future network development.
  • Maximum Scale and Performance: Juniper SRX 340 supports secure, fast, and highly available data Centre and business edge operations, with supreme scalability and performance, massive session volumes, and large-scale connectivity, along with low latency performance of 1 Tb / sec.
  • Security for any enterprise edge and data center: provides a wide range of choices—from all-in-one, virtual security and integrated physical networking devices to chassis-based, highly scalable data center solutions. They can protect business data service providers and centers of any size.



Best Juniper Enterprise Firewalls in 2022

  1. Juniper Networks SRX300

The Juniper SRX 300 Firewall consolidates switching, security, WAN, and routing connectivity in a desktop device. Safeguarding small retail or branch offices, the SRX300 is able to support 1 Gb / sec and 300 Mb / sec VPN in a single platform which is also a cost-effective security and networking platform.

  1.  Juniper Networks SRX340

The Juniper SRX 340 supports up to 600 Mb/sec IPsec VPN and 3 Gb/sec firewall in a cost-effective, single security and networking platform. The SRX340 Firewall combines switching, routing, security, and WAN connectivity in a one U form factor.

  1. Juniper SRX 320

The SRX 320 merges switching, routing, security, and WAN connectivity in a desktop device. It supports 300 Mb/sec IPsec VPN and 1 Gb/sec firewall in a consolidated, single, and cost-effective security and networking platform.

  1. Juniper Networks SRX550

The Juniper SRX 550 is an all-in-one device that combines security, switching, and WAN connectivity to a sole 2-U device. It is a robust and highly flexible device for next-generation security, providing business-class networking. Moreover, it supports 800 Mb/sec IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), supporting up to 7 Gbps firewall.

  1. Juniper Networks SRX4100 – SRX4200

The SRX4000 series comprises 2 models, which provides market-leading scalability, performance, and security services in a 1 U platform:

  • The SRX 4200 supports 40 Gb/sec IMIX and 19 Gb/sec firewall performance
  • The SRX 4100 supports 20 Gb/sec IMIX and 9.5 Gb/sec firewall performance.

Cisco vs. Juniper

When picking an IT networking solution, make sure that your choice is in between a Cisco or a Juniper Firewall solution. Definitely, there are other brands providing firewalls, but these two manufacturers are the top market leaders. Juniper manufactures great value products, delivering high scalability and a huge number of features. On the other hand, Cisco is a true and tied brand with loads of support and devices. Firewalls made by both brands have the potential to suit all of your requirements and needs, but there are factors that make Juniper the best solution for this year.

Juniper Offers Great Value

Usually, switches and routers made by Juniper are more economical compared to Cisco. This is one of the features that make Juniper Enterprise Firewall an excellent pick to meet all of the user’s networking requirements as well. Basically, it focuses on core routing technologies to provide you with the best performance. On the other hand, Cisco attempts to sell the whole ecosystem of software and hardware, which means your enterprise will have to give a lot of effort, time, and capital into maintaining, setting up, and troubleshooting the solution

Final Verdict

Juniper SRX has been a powerful and simple solution that provides basic features for a firewall that are required in everyday operations. It performs all the necessary functions efficiently, as well as it is reliable and robust. The answer to our question of why we should use Juniper Firewall is simple: to protect our network by filtering malicious content, we need to have a Firewall. Above, we have mentioned some of the best devices made by Juniper. You can pick any of them according to your requirement and budget. We hope that you enjoyed reading this article.


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